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SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance New Years with Julio Bravo

Here it comes … Do you have your TICKETS to the party?

Let the FUN Begin. Live salsa with Julio Bravo, plus three more rooms of New Years eve entertainment. The biggest, boldest, brightest New Years eve in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel. Yes, the palace hotel – plush, upscale, massive, historic, and … EPIC.

One for the record books. Come join us!

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Our Biggest Party of the Year, Short of New Year, is SalsaCrazy Halloween, and we want you there!

Get your Tickets EARLY at,

This is big – think, thousands of people, in a massive hotel, with six rooms of entertainment big … BIG.  I can't stress this enough, get your tickets EARLY. The price goes up (and it goes very high), and then it sells out. Easy as that, every year, for over the past TEN YEARS. We want you there …

It's a wild, fun, crazy, party – and one of the larget in SF. What sets it apart? Well, it's got Six rooms of world class entertainment for one, but really, where's the salsa? We have Avance! That's right, Avance is playing live this year and it's going to be great.  I remember the last time Avance played at our Halloween party, and it was worth it just to see their amazing outlandish costumes. Crazy fun!

This year, as in last years party, we are taking over the San Francisco Hilton. A year later, and people are still talking about last years event, this year will be even better.

Anyway,  if you dance salsa, you want to go, and, if you're just looking for San Francisco's hottest Halloween party, this is it. The biggest party in San Francisco, and yes, it's got salsa big time! :)

Get your Tickets EARLY at,

Hope to see you there!

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That's right – We're going to the Caribbean again in our next Dance CruiseSeven days out of New Orleans!

That's right, in March 2012, this salsa dance cruise goes out of New Orleans (a first), and visit some first ever ports of call for us (Jamaica, Cozumel and more). This is a fantastic cruise!

Our 2011 cruise, which sold out in record time, is leaving in just a few weeks, and we've just announced our next cruise (after that). This is your chance to get on board early, and get the best rates, for what's sure to be another complete sell out of a salsa dance cruise.

Registration and Salsa Cruise information can be found, as always, at, – Click here to see the full prices and itinerary.

Singles, couples, groups of friends, and dancers of all levels, will love the salsa cruise!

We" see you onboard this new cruise, March 2012!

Salsa & Bachata Dance Cruise

This cruise features all the great activities and amenities of a Western Caribbean Cruise – Plus the fun and excitement of a Salsa & Bachata event at sea.  Those booking with DanceFun will enjoy many hours of dancing throughout the cruise and workshops on our days at sea with great professionals.

All Dances & Workshops are “Private Parties” only for our group.

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Yep, I'm working on a new salsa dance website, for SalsaCrazy Salsa Mondays. The website is a home base for our Monday night salsa classes, and salsa club, and like most internet marketing projects, it made me focus on what my true goals are.

I want this site to speak to new salsa dancers, be fun, friendly, exciting, with bright colors, and some interactivity to it. I want it to have a video, a schedule, an ability to buy, and be generally very, very, simple – yet rank in the search engines, very, very well. So how do I do it?

Well, you'll see the SalsaCrazy Salsa Mondays website develop, but if you're interested in my secret weapon, keep an eye on my internet marketing blog, over at MarketingCrazy.

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Wow! The fastest selling dance cruise in our history. This one took me completely off guard. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great cruise, on a great boat, but compared to our last cruise to South America, or the cruise before that, through the Panama Canal, going to the Caribbean is a walk in the proverbial park.

It's a cruise we've done almost every year for quite some time! We've never sold out any dance cruise this quickly. The boat itself is quite spectacular, perhaps the nicest (and biggest) we've ever gone on, and I'm certain that played a factor (along with Disney World – joking), but I think the greatest factor is our economy (or at least people's perception of it).

Here's all the details for the cruise that, any day now, will completely sell out (months and months and months before leaving). Yay, definitely, but also, problematic, since salseros often wait until the last second (spoken as a twenty year promoter).  Darn it! It's a challenge to get the word out, so people realize the event is selling out, and tickets will simply not be available later. We had this same problem with our recent Hawaii Salsa Festival, and we only sold that out a couple of months in advance. This cruise will sell out SIX months in advance.

Not crying over a sellout (by any means), but just want to get all my friends and family on board. Take heed – this cruise will sell out ANY DAY NOW.

Are you onboard? Your LAST chance to join us, and get more info is now just weeks, or perhaps DAYS, away …

Guess what? Our 7 day Caribbean Cruise this
October, in partnership with DanceFUN, is selling out FAST.

We want YOU on-board!

It's almost SOLD OUT, and this is our FINAL cruise update.
Singles, Couples, Groups of Friends, Now is the time.

BOOK YOUR CRUISE! (or at least reserve it)
Get all the details and information about the cruise below,

This October, the Salsa Cruise to the Caribbean, out of Orlando, Florida. From 9th-16th of October. Are you onboard yet? Planning on it?

We're setting sail to the Caribbean and we want you to come,
but you have to act NOW!

The Ultimate Dance Vacation – A Fantastic Adventure … Let me know if you've called in! Just comment on this blog post. Likewise, if you have any questions or have a large group, please hit comment, let us know!

Even if you're not entirely sure, now is the time to put down your deposit – Guarantee your space!

Lock in all the savings – This cruise is hot!

ALERT SalsaCrazies!

Our 7 Day Caribbean Cruise, in Partnership with Dancefun, is nearing a complete and total sellout!

We'd love to have you onboard this 7 Day Caribbean Cruise out of Orlando, FL, but you have to ACT NOW.

Visit the website, review, and CALL IN TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

ALERT-ALERT-ALERT -> Last Chance to Get onboard

The entire cruise is on the verge of selling out!
All Cabins, at all levels, are going very quickly …
This cruise will sell out shortly!

All Skill Levels, All Ages, All Fun, in the SalsaCrazy Salsa Cruise to the Caribbean!

You'll have a great time … This is your last chance to get onboard.

To Get Info, and to get registered, simply visit the website,

What happens on board? Workshops and beautiful ports of call during the day, dance parties at night. It's a great dance vacation.

Don't miss it!

We'd love to have you onboard.

Imagine this …
1) The Caribbean … Fun, Exciting …
2) A Massive Royal Caribbean boat …
3) You, Drinks, Exotic Ports, 7 Days …
4) The best salsa dancing, and workshops …
5) And then imagine yourself, in the middle!

AND, best of all, it's all within reach.

I've been doing Salsa Cruises for ten years now,
and prior to that, I'd never taken a single cruise.
Every year, they are sold out, with hundred of
dancers on board, of EVERY level.

The salsa cruise is special in that it melds the
very best of cruising, with the very best of salsa
dancing and camaraderie …

Singles, couples, groups of friends, all bask
in indulgent splendor aboard the finest of cruise
ships, for seven days of workshops, classes, beaches,
food, drink, and endless dancing.

It's really fun. :) Feel free to ask me questions.


The Cruise is 7 Days, Oct 9th-16th, 2011.
It leaves from Orlando, Florida!
It's all ages, all skill levels, all fun!

Join us for the all new Salsa Stars Cruise to the Caribbean
aboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas. Our cruise includes
Workshops on days at sea, Dancing most evenings, large dance
floors, exotic Ports of Call, and all on one of the largest and most
innovative ships in the world.

If that's not enough we are sailing from Orlando, FL.
the Theme Park Captital Disney World, Universal Studios,
SeaWorld and much more.

This looks to be the most exciting Salsa Cruise yet !
To get the best deals, always book with "SalsaCrazy". :)

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