Salsa Dance Mondays – New Website for SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance and Salsa Class Mondays!

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Yep, I'm working on a new salsa dance website, for SalsaCrazy Salsa Mondays. The website is a home base for our Monday night salsa classes, and salsa club, and like most internet marketing projects, it made me focus on what my true goals are.

I want this site to speak to new salsa dancers, be fun, friendly, exciting, with bright colors, and some interactivity to it. I want it to have a video, a schedule, an ability to buy, and be generally very, very, simple – yet rank in the search engines, very, very well. So how do I do it?

Well, you'll see the SalsaCrazy Salsa Mondays website develop, but if you're interested in my secret weapon, keep an eye on my internet marketing blog, over at MarketingCrazy.

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