How To Dance – How to Dance Salsa in the New Year!

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How To Dance!  The age old question, or more specifically, what's the best way to learn to dance.

For 90 percent of those reading this blog, it's not a question of how, but a question of when. You haven't yet taken your first step! The answer for you, the majority, is simple. You have to get to a dance class! It's not an easy thing to do mind you … but as New Years approaches, it's the perfect time to get started learning how to dance (and yes, specifically, how to dance salsa).

So, when is NOW! Make that first dance class appointment. You have three choices! Step up, and just do it. A group salsa dance class. Most of you will be scared, some of you will be excited, and a percentage of you will ask why. To those with a bit of fear running down their spine at the mention of a dance class, search out a private lesson or two prior to actually starting your group class. This will make you feel more comfortable, and make you the star, of any group class you eventually make it too.

Another option, is dance videos and DVDs (of which, hey, we're the leader). These options are for those whom want to learn how to dance at home!  That's a great way to start learning how to dance, and gives you a lot of practice time prior to your first group lesson.

Regardless of which option you take, the group lesson remains a constant! Learning how to dance, specifically how to dance socially, requires group classes. You have to get out there, you have to dance with other people, and yes, you have to take that first step into a ballroom, dance studio or nightclub ….

I hope you take that first step! Once you begin the journey, your life will never be the same …

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