Salsa Dance Satire Movie – Episode 3, The Salsa Dance Troupe Routine

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Are you ready for some salsa dance movies? Some salsa satire? Whom will be the first to register

Before going any farther, have you seen the FIRST TWO EPISODES?

Ah, finally another episode of the Salsa Dance satire movie! Episode 3 explores our salsa newbie's life after they made the fateful (and often times, irreversible) action of joining a salsa dance troupe. Now, I'll keep my own commentary on the salsa dancing movies to a minimum. With my decades of experience, I feel like I could easily be waxing philosophic for many hours, when all you want to see is the funny stuff. I promise to talk more about the demise of salsa, and why, after the movie's conclude. They offer great insight!

All I want to say is – these episodes are hysterical and biting, and true. Like so much of the best parody and satire, the truth is funnier than any fiction could possibly be.

Here it is, Episode 3, Congratulations to Salsa By Jake . com for their inspired comedy. It's another laugh filled romp.

Hope you enjoy it – feel free to comment below, or comment on SalsabyJake's youtube channel!

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  • Jake

    The entire 10-part salsa satire series of animations may be seen at now!
    Enjoy, Jake

  • Salsa Timing

    This is such funny stuff Jake! Well done!!

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