Salsa Cruise, Hawaii Salsa Festival, and Bachata?

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Ok, here's a mishmash of thoughts, ideas, and posts …

First off, the Salsa Cruise! Exciting … Our next cruise is approaching fast, and this salsa cruise is huge. It's our biggest dance cruise yet, and it's 9 days to South America, leaving out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and even has a layover of a day in Buenos Aires.

You can see the salsa cruise on Facebook, or see the Salsa Cruise Website. Ideally, you'll want to check and join both.

The cruise is almost sold out, and since it's so massive, requires some pretty serious planning. If you are considering it, you must start planning now.

And yes, I know, a lot have asked for another Caribbean cruise! We're on it, and expect our next cruise to sail (after this one) in September of 2011. Details may be coming shortly!

As for Hawaii, this is huge. There's not a person reading this whom shouldn't be planning to join us in Hawaii (that's a double negative – yikes). To put it simply, you should be coming on this incredible dance vacation. This vacation is for you, it's cheap, and it's fun, and it's … well … it's in Hawaii!

See the Hawaii Salsa Festival website!

Really, this is a great vacation, and highly recommended. It will give you a chance to try out your brand new salsa shoes, but really, who wears salsa shoes on a beach (or by the pool for that matter). Great music and great social dancing highlight this event, year after year.

Get your early bird tickets now …

Finally, Bachata! The bachata dance craze is taking over the world. Really, it seems like it's taking over the world. Everywhere I turn, there are bachata festivals popping up. Have you noticed this?

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