Why Dance Teacher's Fail – The Single Top Reason Dance Teachers Don't Earn a Real Living …

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It always amazes me that Dance Teachers struggle to make a good living. Of most professions out there, I think dance teacher's, and in fact, any "teacher", should be among the highest earners. Of course, we know this isn't the case – it's quite the opposite.

So, what holds most teacher's back from really earning a living. Let me break it down:

Any profession that relies on your personal health and time to succeed is destined for failure. Any profession that, when you are sick, or unable to teach, you don't get paid, is destined to fail.

Might as well get a desk job in a cubicle, and count the hours till your stock options vest, hoping that the company you work for doesn't go out of business.

In short, you cannot, and should not, trade your time for money. Yet this is exactly what most dance teacher's (and all teachers) do! This is exactly how most teaching profession's view their ability to make a paycheck. Wrong answer!

I'm not saying you shouldn't know what an hour of your time is worth, you definitely need to know that, and we'll discuss that in depth in a later post (it's worth more than you think). However, you cannot earn a good living, and as important, a secure living, solely trading time for money. Eventually, your time is up, and then you're in trouble.

The single reason dance teacher's fail to earn a good and secure living is a failure to think of themselves as a business, having faith that they have something to offer that no one else has, and implementing systems to ensure a life time of security and wealth.

So, what to do? What can you do? Well, we've all heard of the phrase multiple streams of income. Unfortunately, most simply don't get it, and even if they do, they don't put into action the steps necessary to successfully create and automate the systems.

What can multiple streams of income do for the aspiring dance teacher? It can have you earning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without working … at all. Truly passive income, that is available to everyone, yet often implemented so poorly, that it never generates any long term security.

Let me be clear. I'm not talking traveling the world selling your dvds at seminars and conferences, that's real (extremely) hard work.

I'm not talking about performing all over the world for a thousand dollars here, or a thousand dollars there. That's also hard (but fun) work, that has a time limit (you can only do this when you are young, and you are often broke at the end of the time period, having built NOTHING).

I'm not talking about anything driven by a single experience.

I'm talking about you, as a business, built to stand the test of time.
I'm talking about dance teacher's building businesses that can outlast themselves …
I'm talking about creating multiple passive streams of income over time …

The single reason dance teacher's fail is simply a failure to plan for the future, plus a business eco-system that's been in place for a hundred years, that most dance teacher's operate within, that guarantees that the one's who stand out, get paid the least. We'll talk about that later …

Let me know your thoughts below?
Do you know any million dollar dance teachers? Are you one?

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  • Derek

    Great insights, thank you very much for sharing. I absolutely agree with you, individuals in the teaching profession are not earning like they should have. Teaching is a noble profession but let's admit that teachers in general are not getting paid well. Your suggestions are brilliant, I think there so much potential for dance teachers to earn more and still have fun at the same time.

  • http://www.salsa-timing.com Salsa Timing

    Very good article Evan! I agree, very good advice… And I am very quilty of trading time for money as well.. I can't wait to change that!