Salsa Festival – San Francisco Summer Salsa Festival and Bachata Festival Summary!

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Ok, I've been asked to try and summarize all that's going on, and that is VERY hard. The Summer Bachata and Salsa Festivals are huge, and there is alot going on, but here's my best shot at summarizing most of what's going to happen.

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The bottom line is, keep July 11-19th free, for the hottest salsa festival and bachata festival in San Francisco, they'll be things to do every night. Usually both, bachata and salsa dancing, and lots of live music.

Here's the breakdown so far, and there's more being added. There are A LOT of stars, salsa performers and salsa instructors coming in from all over the world. All our local celebrities and salsa dancers have been invited to participate (of course). Of special note, int he Bay Area, SalsaMania has confirmed (which is way cool). They are the consumate salsa professionals, and out of state, from New York, the stars, Magna Gopal (godess of spins), and Ismael Otero (no cool nickname) are flying in.

There are literally countless others! Actually, this is best broken up into several posts. One about teachers, one about performers, one about music, and one about the schedule. Since I get most questions about the salsa dance shedule, let me start with that (and bachata too, of course).

But first – this is IMPORTANT!

Remember, the full passes are the WAY TO GO. If you don't have yours, you are really WAY behind everyone else. They are still available, and we give away EVERYTHING to the people with the full passes. We treat them like gold! Make sure YOU are one of them. Get your FULL Festival Pass here: Salsa Festival Full Pass or Bachata Festival Full Pass.

NOTE: Either one gets you access to BOTH – The full pass is the way to go! That being said, we now have two day passes available too. The single day passes are expensive, but if you can only make it one day, we now have those too. There are NO night passes currently.

July 11th: Sunday -> The parties start on Sunday night in the East Bay. That's right, the 11th of July! There are scant details on this party yet, but it will be hosted by Salsa With Juan. Details soon (join the email list, or buy your pass today)

July 12th: Monday -> The Rockit Room, which has become the single most stellar club in the entire Bay Area hosts a Monday night pre-party you won't believe. This is an incredible night, and has become the most exciting salsa destination in the city. It's Monday night parties bring out 400+ people, nearly every Monday. It's an amazing site! You won't believe it …

5th Avenue & Clement, SF (
Two Floors -> 7pm Beginning Salsa (8:30 Intermediate)
8:30 Also has a Bachata Lesson (seperate floor)
9:30 – The Biggest Salsa / Bachata Party You can Imagine!

July 13th: Tuesday -> The Glas Kat, a long running salsa destination in San Francisco is a true dancer's night. Live band Son De Cana, and two hours of salsa classes start at 7:45, with Bachata @ 8:30. Wow. Great salsa and bachata band plays, and yes, FULL PASS gets in FREE to this one too …

520 4th Street, SF
7:45 Beginning Salsa
8:30 Bachata
9:45 – Dancing and live band til' 2

Get your FULL Festival Pass here: Salsa Festival Full Pass or Bachata Festival Full Pass.

July 14th: Wednesday (NEW) at Jelly's Cafe. This one is another masive event. Indoor and outdoor on the waterfront, this massive party starts with a two hour styling workshop by the Divas of salsa and bachta, Camille Yanantuno and Magna Gopal. An event you can't miss. After that, the hottest salsa and bachata party in the nation, under the stars, at an historic destination for salsa in the Bay Area, Jelly's, Pier 50.

Workshops Start @ 7:30!
Dancing @ 9:30
Workshops $15 (2) a piece, Dancing $10.

Yes, the FULL PASS, gets you in Everything (including the workshops) for FREE!


July 15th: Thursday – The Real Pre-Party (Finally). Wow, the event is almost ready to start, AFTER tonight. It all happens at the largest, longest running salsa club in San Francisco, Roccapulco Supper Club. This is a huge night, run by Rodchata, with plenty of salsa and bachata, and the uber band, Montuno Swing, rocking the house.

Can it get better? Yes it can! This mammoth finale pre-event has amazing perfromances, a great live band, a huge dance floor, stellar DJs and it all happens at a great San Francisco salsa club. I want to talk more about it but …

Oh my god, my hand hurts so much. This post is way too long, and I haven't gotten to the actual event yet.


I have to get to the Main Event, which takes place at the Parc 55 Hotel on Fiday, Saturday, and Sunday! But this post has gotten kind of long. I promise, I'll talk more about the actual event, the teachers, the workshops, the live bands, the nights of social dancing until 3am …

AND I'll have more later about the:
- 7 Live Bands
- Top dance Artists
- Plenty of Dance Workshops to choose from
- Bachata Competition
- Salsa Festival
- dance party until 3 am
- 9 days of celebration
- Hotel Located in Downtown SF
- SUMMER time

Yeh, there's A LOT going on. Get a Full Pass – you'll be happy ya' have it! I think I'll let Rodney (Rodchata) sum up the rest.

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