Salsa Festival Update – San Francisco Salsa Festival and Bachata Festival Update …

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Yes, we've got some big news about the upcoming summer Salsa Festival and Bachata Festival in San Francisco. This is shaping up to be such an exceptionally fun event …

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So, what's the news? It's all good!

We now have pre-parties on EVERY day of the week before the event. That's right, there's a huge, fun salsa dance party (and class) on every day of the week prior to the event.

We just put the finishing touches on the Wednesday night pre-party event, and it's huge. It will be at Jelly's, Pier 50, and start with a two hour styling workshop (for both Men and Women), with the two worldwide divas of salsa, Magna and Camille.

This is an historic venue for Salsa in San Francisco, and it's salsa sundays are a mainstay for true salsa dancers and salsa music afficianados. This venue has been around for years (since I started, so that's the stone age), and sport some of the best sound of any dance venue. Plus, there's an outside deck for us to enjoy the San Francisco summer in full splendor as we dance the night away.

Best of all? It's FREE with your full pass. As crazy as it sounds, ALL the pre-parties are free with your full pass. I think Rodchata really went overboard with providing free parties for those whom are smart enough to get the full pass. In fact, I don't think he just went overboard, I thnk he's overdelivering at EVERY level for FULL PASS holders.

Not just the parties, but also a FREE movie premier for full pass holders, called Bachata Chronicles. How cool is that? We'll be treated to what looks to be a stellar movie at the Festival as well.

It just keeps getting better! It's the hottest ticket this summer …
We're still updating the website with the latest pre-parties!

Get your FULL Pass Tickets here: Salsa Festival

Oh, and that crazy cheap hotel deal is ending soon! The main event takes place at the Parc 55 hotel in the center of San Francisco, and you can stay at the hotel for only $119 a night. How crazy is that!

Let me be clear, an event like this, that goes until 3am every day, you want to be staying at the hotel. You really, really, want to be staying at the hotel. Don't wait to book those rooms (they are refundable up to 72 hours before the event, unlike the tickets), but you have to TAKE that step and call the hotel and book the rooms! Details are online at the Summer Salsa Festival or Summer Bachata Fest Sites …

There's no greater fun going on this summer in the world that in San Francisco for the Salsa and Bachata festival … it's just going to be a great time!

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