Bachata Festival – Really? Are you Kidding Me? A Bachata Festival?

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Aw, come on, I know what you're thinking. A bachata festival? Really? And my answer is an amazing yes… Really.

Not only yes, there really is one. But how about, "yes, I went last year", or "yes, it was awesomely fun", or even "yes, it's one of the best dance events I've been to in quite some time". I know … hard to believe, even for me.

Let me explain, after all, I am … SalsaCrazy. I existed before congress were around. Before dance troupes. I danced when there were dinosaurs roaming the earth (ok, maybe not that far back). However, as I travelled to the Bachata Festival, after visiting every salsa event in the world, for over 15 years, I was taken back to …

The beginning! Yes, very much like when salsa was "young", this bachata festival was just plain fun. It was before the endless dance troupes. Before the endless competitions. Before the endless "let's make the dance harder" instructors, and before everyone strives to make the dance latin ballroom (which, for example, contemporary salsa is now). The bachata festival is a dance in its infancy, and it's exciting!

It's exciting to be part of it. It's exciting to dance to it. It's exciting to hear the new music acts. It's just plain fun! It's fun in it's simplicity (which I'm sure will be gone all too soon – as that seems to be the way of swing, salsa … and many social dances).

I had a blast last year, and so did every single attendee that I ran into!

This years San Francisco Bachata Festival, takes place in San Francisco, at the Parc 55 Hotel, July 17th-19th, and is preceded by no less than 5 days of pre-parties and events. It's a massive, exciting affair, completely grounded in social dancing, and fun. Wow – novel concept indeed!

Yes, the best dancers from all over the world do attend!
Yes, workshops and classes are taught to everyone, at all levels!
Yes, the best Bachata bands play every night (including Domenic Marte, headling on Saturday!

And finally, yes, whomever you are, if you dance bachata, you should be there!

Oh, and did I mention, it takes place in the same hotel, on the same days, as the San Francisco Salsa Festival? Yes it does!

And one ticket gets you access to both!

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