World Salsa Championships Results: Results for the World Salsa Championships

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1st Place / Liz Lira & Cristian Oviedo / 87.844 / Representing Los Angeles, CA
2nd Place / Eli Torres & Yen Dorado / 85.933 / Representing Puerto Rico & Philadelphia, PA
3rd Place / Roberto Arenas & Marie Josee Strazzero / 84.320 / Representing Laval, Canada
4th Place / Tianne & Ricardo / 83.590 / Representing San Francisco, CA
5th Place / Marina Prada & Ibirocay Regueira / 81.244 / Representing Scandanavia
6th Place / Gabriela Equiz & Martin Gonzalez / 81.067 / Representing Tijuana, Mexico
7th Place / Vera Rowe & Darlin Garcia / 78.944 / Representing Boston, MA & Philadelphia, PA
8th Place / Elina Kstova & Kikis Kakoullis / 78.122 / Representing Sophia, Bulgaria & Cypress
9th Place / Corrinne Tardieu & Joseph Neus / 77.767 / Representing Montreal, Canada
10th Place / Nerea Perez & Luis Chaves / 77.189 / Representing Spain


1st Place / Anya Katsevman & Luis Aguilar / 85.983 / Representing New York, New York
2nd Place / Anne Boehm & Anichi Bauer / 85.8 / Representing Germany
3rd Place / Maicza Valentin & Jose Valdes / 83.667 / Representing Chicago, IL
4th Place / Katia Morales & Victor Alexis Contreras / 83.539 / Representing Montreal, Canada
5th Place / Greysa Baez & Edwin Nieves / 81.939 / Representing Puerto Rico
6th Place / Vali Damaskov & Csaba Szirmai / 80.367 / Representing Sydney, Australia
7th Place / Christina Verou & Juan Pablo Diaz / 80.356 / Representing Spain
8th Place / Elly Guadarrama & Enrique Jarquin / 78.250 / Representing Mexico & Bay Area, CA
9th Place / Elizabeth Rojas & John Navarez / 77.928 / Representing San Francisco, CA
10th Place / Ingrid Rivera & Alberto Muriel / 77.167 / Representing Puerto Rico


1st Place / Jenny Rodriguez & Jonathan Landa / 85.389 / Representing Cali, Colombia
2nd Place / Luisa Suaza & Eider Rua / 82.711 / Representing Medellin, Colombia & Dubai UAE
3rd Place / Dayian Molina & Jonier Torres / 80.621 / Representing Cali, Colombia
4th Place / Edda Colon & Santos Gonzalez / 79.378 / Representing Puerto Rico
5th Place / Carolina Hernandez & Hugo Osorio / 78.544 / Representing Cali, Colombia
6th Place / Kelly Lannan & Eric Caty / 78.278 / Representing Calgary, Canada
7th Place / Polina Noskova & Sergey Kabankov / 77.433 / Representing Beijing, China & Russia
8th Place / Christine Diaz & Oscar Garcia / 73.9 / Representing Guatemala
9th Place / Kiko Nakao & Jorge Pedraza / 67.656 / Representing Japan & Bolivia
10th Place / You Dotsuta & Shu Tsugave / / Representing Japan

1st Place / Ritmo Y Sabor / 89.567 / Representing Oaxaca, Mexico
2nd Place / Stilo Y Sabor / 87.656 / Representing Cali, Colombia
3rd Place / El Mulato Y Su Swing Latino / 86.5 / Representing Cali, Colombia
4th Place / Salsamania / 83.944 / Representing San Francisco, CA
5th Place / Chilital / 83.167 / Representing Laval, Canada
6th Place / Modus Vivendi / 82.067 / Representing Sydney, Australia
7th Place / Rica Salsa / 81.011 / Representing San Francisco, CA
8th Place / Phoenix Dance Company / 79.022 / Representing Beijing, China
9th Place / Diamon2 / 77.444 / Representing Spain
10th Place / Envy / 76.3 / Tokyo, Japan

Analsysis of winners, videos, and more crazyness, coming soon!
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  • DJ

    FANTASTIC job with the coverage! Just a tiny fyi that Cristian (on1) spells his name without an "h", and Anichi (on2) has another "i" in his name. There might be other typos from Albert's sheet, but those are the two I recognized immediately. :)

  • dakin

    Thank you thank you. It was my honor to be able to do this for the salsa community! And thank you for the corrections…..I have updated!!!

  • John

    Hey, just curious about the same-sex couple Eli and Yen. Was this the first time ESPN allowed a same sex couple to compete? I watched them win the Mayan competition in LA. They are quite good. Some YouTube bloggers are claiming the judges overlooked potentially disqualifying moves by Cristian and Liz. They were terrific, too, by the way. I think there should be more written about this subject since there are such strong feelings being expressed about the issue of same sex couples competing with opposite sex couples. Is this also an issue that is making it difficult for ESPN to find sponsors? I think Eli and Yen are a great story. But I must confess my own uneasiness about same sex couples competing with opposite sex couples.

  • Carmela

    Both couples were fantastic! However, this is just another example of how the organizers of this competition have not clearly defined the rules. The blame is squarely with them…..the competitors try to interpret the rules they are given the best they can, sometimes they get burned, sometimes they get away things, and sometimes it seems the judges overlook clear violations depending on who you are and what your relationship is with them.

    Cristian & Liz's jazz style jump in their routine could easily be interpreted as a violation as their feet left the ground while dancing in the "On1" division. Maybe some people interpret that rule as having to be an assisted move where the partners feet leave the ground in order to have points deducted or disqualified. I don't know, does anyone know, do the judges know, do the Salsa Seven know? That's the point, no one knows what the rules are, especially the organizers ….hence the competition has no credibility.

    Want more violations or "questionable" practises in this competition …..Why wasn't the Chilital team from Montreal disqualified for having a team member under the age of 16? This is, I believe clearly defined in the rules as I have read them, and yet it was ignored. And for anyone that's going to come back with the argument that I have to prove it…..please spare me. Everyone knows this kid Adriano from Montreal is under 16, he's all over Youtube. Furthermore, I was in the audience this past August at the Laval Salsa Festival when Albert Torres himself announced this kid to the audience as being 14 at that time (6 months ago….you do the math). So If Albert knew about it and the directors of Chilital knew about it (one would hope they know the ages of their own teammates), and he was still allowed to compete it suggests that perhaps the rules don't apply to you if you are one of Alberts business partners in a congress? Again… credibility! I'm also surprised that no one has the raised the issue of why judges are being placed in the position of having to judge their own teammates? I don't care how much integrity someone has, it's human nature to show favouritism to someone you have a close personal relationship with and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. I'm referring of course to Oliver Pineda being a judge while his Latin Motion teammates Vali & Csaba are competing? I'm in no way questioning Olivers integrity, but come on ….how can a competition be viewed as impartial when you have things like that going on?

    I would like to hear more on the topic of Liz & Cristian's "possible violation" if anyone has any insight. I did think they deserved to win based on their performance, but rules are rules and no one should win or place based on who they are.

  • dakin

    Actually I agree with your comments and have been writing about them myself.

    I do think their is some potential confusion about the rule violation Christian and Liz are accused of, but they clearly seemed to violate the letter of the rule. If this is not what was an intended violation, then shame on the Salsa Seven for not clarifying.

    As for the Canadian team issue, if this is the same person Albert introduced in San Francisco, then he first referred to him as 14, but then updated it to 15 because he had had a birthday.

    The only issue you point out that isn't accurate is about Oliver. He wasn't a judge for the semi-finals, only the finals, and his team did not advance to the finals, so he was never judging his own team.

    The point you make, however, is still essentially valid. Because many of the judges are troup directors and/or moreso, promoters, they have conflicts of interest. At the least the high and low scores should be thrown out in each round like they do in ice skating!

  • dakin

    This was not an ESPN event this year. They also competed at the last worlds but didn't make the finals (even though to my mind they clearly should have).

    The argument I have heard about not allowing same sex couples, is that its unfair to the women because male followers are stronger and therefore they have an unfair advantage. First off, I'm definitely not going to agree with premise unless we are talking about power-lifting. Secondly, if a guy can go out there and basically put all the women to shame, I am not sure the solution is prohibiting same sex couples. Maybe its actually expecting women to meet the challenge?

    Otherwise, I would love to hear the arguments against same-sex couples competing (that aren't homophobic). I am not against a rule revision on its face, but I think the reasoning should be sound and I haven't really heard a clear articulation yet.

    Anyway, the one thing I feel sure of is that there is bias on the judges panel and at ESPN against same-sex couples. For the judges, I think this is completely unethical, as their job is to follow the rules and the rules do not prohibit same-sex couples. For ESPN, well let's just say I find big corporate television to be in the stone age about these sort of issues.

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