World Salsa Championships 2009 Semi-Finals: Semi-Finals Standings with Final Scores

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Official On1 Ranking and Final Score

Official On1 Ranking and Final Score

Official On2 Ranking and Final Score

Official On2 Ranking and Final Score

Official Cabaret Ranking and Final Score

Official Cabaret Ranking and Final Score

Official Teams Ranking and Final Score

Official Teams Ranking and Final Score

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  • M.J.P.

    Thank you so much for posting the results and keeping us informed about what is happening in Florida.
    Would it be possible to post video from Swing Latino and Ritmo y Sabor?

    Once again thatk ou so much for taking the time to post all this info on the web… it is almost like being there but w/out the rain and the flooded parking lot :-D

  • Bryce Dechert

    Thanks much for these scores Dakin, really helps get a better overall picture of the competition versus simple numerical rankings.

    What is most interesting to me is that the average scores are 4 – 10 points LOWER across all divisions than the same WSC semifinal round two years ago. I'm not at all attempting to discredit the hard work or skill levels of any of the competitors this year, rather simply commenting on what the numbers tell us.

    Especially in the team/cabaret divisions, 10 points between the 1st place in 2007 and 1st place in 2009 is HUGE. In the on1/on2 divisions, my opinion is that the absence of such noted competitors as Abel & Zulmara and Oliver & Luda has definitely influenced the overall scores. Both our 3 times WSC champion couples have consistently scored very high in the semifinal and final rounds -the exception being Abel & Zulmara last WSC who had an incredible final win after a relatively poor semifinal performance.

    I'm definitely waiting with anticipation to see the final scores.

    For reference, here are the scores from the last WSC during the semifinal round.

    WSC 2007

    Semi Final Results On 1

    Isidro Corona & Sheila Cepeda 88.3
    Roberto Arenas Jr & Marie Josee Strazzero 85.11
    Johnatan Platero & Sophia Cepeda 82.32
    David Nieto & Charlene Rose 82.31
    Ibicocay Regueira & Marina Prada 82.07
    Abel Pena & Zulmara Torres 81.6
    Ricardo Tellez & Tianne Frias 81.25
    Sergio Jasso & Gabriela Equiz 81.25
    Kikis Kakoullis & Elina Kostova 81.02
    Tetsu Kasahra & Emi Uno 80.98

    Semi Final Results On 2

    Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroiter 89.3
    Luis Aguilar & Anna Katsevman 85.811
    Mario Alabi & Emily Alabi 84.5
    Raul Santiago & Sergia Anderson 82.944
    John Narvaez & Liz Rojas 81.577
    Juan Pablo Diaz & Cristina Verdu 79.056
    Alfredo Torres & Petya Mukaova 78.933
    Anichi Bauer & Anne Boehm 78.544
    Alberto Muriel & Ingrid Rivera 78.111
    Jhesus Aponte & Marielys Molina 78.01

    Semi Final Results Cabaret

    John Gerner & Judy Aguilar 92.588
    Nilson Castro & Deisy Rolden 84.933
    Gerson Rivas & Emilse Montero 83.633
    Christian Montenegro & Adrian Torres 83.444
    Jonier Torres & Dayian Molina 82.811
    Pablo Baez & Diana Montoya 82.3
    John Rodriguez & Johana Vazquez 81.411
    Kelvin Hernandez & Lielott Maldonado 81.1
    Jose Serrano & Charlotte Serrano 79.15

    Semi Final Results Team

    Swing Latino 96.233
    Pioneros del Ritmo 89.377
    Aces del Ritmo 88.922
    Son De Cali 88.077
    Fusion Salsera 84.6
    Dancesport All Stars 84.011
    Modus Vivendi 82.988
    Sabor Latino 82.366
    Salsa Heat 80.477
    Korean All Stars 79.211

  • M.J.P.

    Where can I see the final scores?? The competition is over by now…
    Dakin… where are you???

  • dakin

    Right on this site! They were just posted by Albert Torres at approximately 8pm…..and we brought them to you ASAP!!

  • dakin

    I am having a very hard time uploading my videos…..and…gasp, I also lost my SD cards with the finals on2 and cabaret. That said, I have every other performance for the 4 days, and hope to have them all up in the next few days! Dakin

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