World Salsa Championships Semi-Finals 2009: Texas Team reKreation ROCKS the World Salsa Championships 2009

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  • Danielle

    I loooveeee MY TEAM! Go ReKreatiioonnn!
    Can't wait till ya'll come home so we can
    hear how it all went. :) See Ya Soon!

    ReKreation's Danielle.

  • Mikhaela

    OML!!! Represent! I love you guys!! Come back SOOOOOOON!!! Im soooo proud. tear tear..
    Beshitos!!Go REKREATION ;)

  • dakin

    I first say ReKreation at the NYC SalsaCongress this summer and thought they were the freshest, funnest, hottest act out there. I was VERY….and I mean VERY surprised they did not make the Top 10 at the worlds, and was very disappointed in that decision. I can only imagine they were 11 or 12th, but either way, this company has a bright future and I wish them the best. Dakin

  • Ricardo Linnell

    That was oustanding! Somebody tell them that according to the rules, your music (from what I understand) cannot start back up because it counts against your 2 minute limit. I don't know if that is still the case, but I was lead to believe that. Amazing!

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