World Salsa Championships 2009 Semi-Final Results

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by Dakin and Kayono Ferris, sitting in the front row for all the excitement

OK, you heard it here first:

on1–Only 7 points difference between 10th and 1st place

10th Kikis and Elina (Greece)

9th Luis and Nerea (Spain)

8th Martin and Gabby (Mexico)

7th Joseph and Corinne (Canada)

6th Darlin and Vera (Philly)

5th Ibi and Marina (Sweden)

4th Roberto and Marie (Canada)

3rd Eli and Yen (P.R. and Philly)

2d Liz and Christian (L.A.)

1st Ricardo and Tianne (San Francisco)

On2 — Only 7 points between 10th and first place

10th Alberto and Ingrid (Puerto Rick)

9th Enrique and Elly (San Francisco)

8th Csaba and Vali (Australia)

7th John and Liz (San Francisco)

6th Juan and Kristina (Spain)

5th Francisco and Raiza (Puerto Rico)

4th Anichi and Anne (Germany)

3rd Edwin and Gracia (Puerto Rico)

2d Victor and Katia (Canada)

1st LUIS AND ANYA (San Francisco)


10th Oscar and Christine (Guatemala)

9th Jorge and Miyako (Japan)

8th Shu and You (Japan)

7th Jonier and Dayan (Colombia)

6th Hugo and Carolina (Colombia)

5th Setgoy and Polina (Russia/China)

4th Santos and Edda (Puerto Rico)

3rd Eider and Luisa (Dubai)

2d Eric and Kelly (Canada)

1st Jonathan and Jenny (Colombia)

Teams – 9 points difference overall

10th Envy (Japan)

9th Diamon2 (Spain)

8th Phoenix Dance Company (China)

7th RicaSalsa (San Francisco)

6th Stilo y Sabor (Colombia

5th Chilital (Canada)

4th SalsaMania (San Francisco)

3rd Modus Vivendi (Australia)

2d El Mulato Swing Latino (Colombia)

1st Ritmo y Sabor (Mexico)

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  • Davide

    Interesting results…….the competition seems a lot smaller this year; not nearly as many Colombians, as is evidence by the Cabaret results. As usual the organizers of the competition don't seem to know their own rules judging by the team competition. Someone feel free to correct me but I read the rules and I'm positive they said you have to be 16 years old by the date of the competition to compete in the WSC? I guess the rules don't apply if you put on a congress with Albert Torres. I'm refering to the Chilital Team from Montreal Canada who put on a congress with Albert and who have a male team member named Adriano who is 14 years old. At least, he was this past August, so he could be at most 15 now?????? It's no wonder that the very best dancers in salsa don't comptete……it's a complete joke!

  • Bryce Dechert

    Davide your are correct in that the competition is smaller this year do to various factors, however I disagree with your assessment that "the very best dancers" do not compete because this competition is a "joke".

    There are varying views on what makes someone the "best" in the salsa scene, and there is also the issue that many of the best dancers do not like competitions. However Luis & Anya are indisputably one of the top couples active in the salsa scene today. Also present are respected professionals such as Christian Oviedo and Liz Lira, among numerous other incredibly talented couples and teams present in this years competition.

    The age-related issue you mentioned obviously needs to be substantiated with evidence, and while the rules regarding age requirements may be in contention, nobody can question the impartiality of the actual judging of the competition with such respected individuals such as Eddie Torres, Billy Fajardo, and Oliver Pineda in the panel this year.

  • Debbie G.

    I am wondering as well if there is an age rule (ie 16) why are there children 12 and under competing against adults in a salsa competition. At the past Toronto Salsa Congress there were a pair of children aged 9 and 11 as well as two 12 yr olds competing against young adults over 18. As well is there a ruling regarding children of 12 dancing competitively as a pair with a 20 yr old. I am fairly new to salsa competitions but have been involved with dance competitions for the past 14 yrs and age is a factor and categorized as such to encourage fair competition. I am sure that when an adult sees that they will be competing with children 9 yrs of age they feel no desire to compete and it becomes a "joke". I would like to hear some feed back on this subject.

    THank you

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