WORLD SALSA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2009 DAY 2 (Part 2): The World Salsa Championships of 2009 Semi-Finals Round 1

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By Dakin Ferris, the shy salsero, on assignment for….

Thursday night.  Shows are over and my prediction is that both the SF Couples (John and Liz – Ricardo and Tianne) as well as RicaSalsa will easily proceed to the finals.  Favorite moments of the evening — reKreation Dance team from Texas and Ritmo de Cali — 6 Japanese couples busting out salsa Colombian style!

But first, the news…..

30 Countries are in attendance.  For on1 there will be 24 couples in the semi-finals, 12 per night.  For on2 and Teams there will be 22 divided evenly each night.  And for Cabaret there are 10 couples, so each couple will automatically make it to the finals.  Albert made reference a number of times to the "Salsa Six" — previously known as the Salsa Seven.  No explanation there.

In the middle of the on1 performances, Albert announced that Cabaret would be going second tonight, on2 third, and teams last.  No explanation for the change, but this might reflect the fact that the team division seems much more competitive this year, and arguably more exciting than the Cabaret.  We will see if they follow the same format tomorrow.

The audience was smaller than last night, owing to the fact that I think, and if I had to guess at his point, I would say there are less than 30 paying (non-performing) spectators at this point.

Semi-Finals Night 1 - Audience Shot

Semi-Finals Night 1 - Audience Shot

My predictions for results — so far, if I had to choose 5 per division tonight (and that's not how the judges will do it….they will compare all 10 together and not do 5 a night), I would select the following in no particular order:

On1 – Ricardo and Tianne (SF), Darlin and Vera (D.R./New Jersey), Martin and Gabriella (Mexico), Roberto and Mari (Montral), Christian and Liz (L.A.)

On2 – John and Liz (SF), Victor and Katia (Canada), Alfredo and Jorjet (Cuba/Bulgaria), Csaba and Vali (Australia), Masaki and Minako (Japan)

John and Liz Getting Their Psych On....

SalsaMania's John Navarez and Liz Rojas Getting Their Psych On....

Cabaret — (All are in, but my two pics are Hugo and Carolina and Jonathan and Jenny, both Colombia)

Teams — RicaSalsa (SF), reKreation (Texas — loved these guys), Diamon2 (Spain), Beto y Su Ritmo de Cali (Japan), Phoenix Dance Company (China) (But Tropical Dance from Ecuador could have place over these last two.)

reCreation Dancers from Texas - these kids ROCK!

reCreation Dancers from Texas - these kids ROCK!

The videos I took tonight are high-def so taking a lot longer to upload so will link to those separately tomorrow.

FRIDAY SCHEDULE — Perfomances start at 12:30.  Shows end by 3:30.  ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE FINALISTS AT 4:30pm.

More tomorrow!!

Dakin Ferris has been dancing salsa for 8 years, has competed internationally, and currently dances with Couture Dance Alliance in San Francisco, California.  The opinions expressed herein are completely his own and not those of or anyone else.  Any matters stated factually should be read as being just his opinion.   And he is frequently wrong.

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  • David Durango

    Hi, thanks for being the unique web publishing the results.

    What opinion do you have from Tropical Dance Ecuador?

    Thank you.

  • dakin

    I actually really liked Tropical Dance Ecuador and was surprised they were not in the Top 10. If you remind me, I will post their video once I get home Sunday night (until then I have to prioritize — too many videos to post with a low speed connection)! Anyway, Tropical Dance Ecuador has a lot to be proud of….they were very exciting.

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