Latin Music USA – PBS Special, LATIN MUSIC USA – Don't miss the Salsa Section!

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This is a great series on PBS, showing this week! Latin Music USA

I think all four sections of the show are great, but yes, there's a full salsa section. This is a MAJOR Salsalert, for those interested in seeing a great historical show (that everyone can endlessly argue about) on PBS. Here's the website:

Don't miss it – I'm hoping for the best. It's on this week and next.

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  • El G

    And what about The Dirty Little DEcret of Ballroom Dance? The dark side of ballroom dance for women and the bright side of it for men.

    Ballroom dance is not as gloriously depicted on Dancing With The Stars. It’s dirty little secret is that men do ballroom dance for sex and money and women do it to get a husband. With more than a dozen women for every male, the odds favor the men. Men quickly figure it out and soon sleep with every woman there, successfully playing on her hopes of snagging a husband. That’s not just the single men, so do the married men. Like a condemned woman, she seizes for her hope any man. Therefore, women advertise that if a man doesn’t have something nice to say about his wife, “come dance with me.”

    The instructors never teach ballroom dance. Instead, they only teach the men and women to take more lessons. The male instructors have the added benefit to the sex they get of also being paid for their “lessons.” Men quickly learn to “practice” with the women. The result is the incident of sexually transmitted diseases is extraordinarily high in the ballroom dance world. Another result is because ballroom dance attracts male sexual predators, they prey on the women desperate for a husband. Therefore, there is a high level of physical and emotional abuse in relationships with a man who ballroom dances.

    Men are never as good of a dancer as the women because they know they do not have to be. Women who marry a man they met in the ballroom dance world think they have won a victory. However, the women soon find it was a Pyrrhic one.

    First, if he does marry one of the women dancers, he still sleeps around. Second, because he knows how desperate the women are for a husband, and that women literally run up to the men to dance with them, he knows he can get away with mistreatment to the women. Third, men in the ballroom dance world usually have secrets. Like they’re married, sometimes twice at the same time. Alternatively, they’re a cross-dresser (ya think with the wardrobe and those costumes!) Or, they’re bisexual. Or, they’re gay. Or yes, they live in some rich place, but forget to tell her on a boat, a very small one, or in a trailer. Fourth, men who have figured out the benefits of the ballroom dance racket will commit Elder Abuse on the widows and single women by isolating her. They will flatter her, all the while fleecing her out of every dime as she pays for everything. First, she pays for his dance shoes. Next, it’s his dance lessons. Then it’s his wardrobe. Then he’s “borrowing” money from her. He buys her gifts. Too late she finds out he charged it to her account. Then he moves in with her but she pays for everything. Soon he gets her to elope to oh so romantic Lake Tahoe there getting married with a Confidential Marriage Certificate, a dubious offer at best and a hollow victory for her. She then puts his name on the free and clear house(s) and car(s) and the bank account(s). Then starts her downward slide. The now former dance partners square off as he then divorces her. He gets half of everything as she co-mingled everything into community property. More often than not, he even gets alimony. All along, he’s been sleeping around by saying his wife just doesn’t support his dancing, successfully repeating his pattern time and again. Then he’s on to his next victim, who he’s already had a covert operation going with.

    So women, do ballroom dance and you’ll get your heart broke, your bank account emptied, broken bones and teeth, sexual diseases and lose your home and future. Men, run, do not walk, to the nearest ballroom dance. Sex, money and never having to work again is your reward. In the San Francisco Bay Area it’s: The Metronome, The Pavilion, The Starlight, and the City of Novato Parks and Recreation.

    Copyright © 2008 Joan W reprinted with permission.

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