Salsa in Union Square: SalsaCrazy San Francisco Salsa Dance Festival in Union Square

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Yes, we're doing it. SalsaCrazy is putting on Salsa Dancing in Union Square. Can't beat that!

Well, actually, you can … because it's all free! Live bands, lessons, and dancing in Union Square of San Francisco, all through Summer 2009! and the SalsaCrazy San Francisco Salsa Festival. It's actually the Summer Salsa Festival (not to be confused with John and Liz's stellar Salsa Dance Festival)

Live it, Love it, Go to it, Dance at it, Enjoy it …

(SC) SalsaCrazy

Check out the website,

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  • rachel

    What time does the music end? wish this were on the website more prominently :)

  • rachel

    what time does the music end?

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