Salsa Dancing San Francisco Update – What's up with Salsa Dance Crazy?

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Yep, I promise, we'll have a new Salsa dance video podcast coming soon, but for now, you have to settle for a regular post!  Lately, I have been dancing much more.

Ever since our wildly successful salsa dance cruise (salsa cruise, to the Mexican Riviera, followed by our incredibly fun and outrageously hip Hawaii salsa Festival, I've been on a dancing frenzy that I haven't been on for many years. 

I mean, actually, dancing!  I should probably explain, it's been many years since I actually "danced" when i went out dancing. It became more about socializing, drinking, partying, and the music … than about actually "dancing".  Crazy eh?

In my defense – I've been dancing for a long time. Longer than most, save perhaps Edie the Salsa Freak or Alex da Silva.  However, I must say, it's a great feeling to actually want to dance again. Not just to go out, but to actually dance!

So, I'm loving it. Actually missing salsa dancing!

And the coming year looks pretty exceptional from a Salsa Dancing standpoint.

Apart from the fact that San Francisco itself will host both a Salsa Congress, Salsa Festival, Rueda Festival (Congress), and a Bachata Festival this year (and the Bachata Festival has the most interest, at least for me, congrats Rodney).

Apart from all that, the Worldwide salsa congress scene, while condensed, and while in the midst of a huge amount of economic turmoil, looks even more rife with great options. Especially the standouts being, my friend Anup is putting together a great in Phuket, Thailand. The Montreal Salsa Congress, the New York Salsa Congress (last year's best US Congress), Prague Salsa Festival (fun, but far), and a ton of smaller events that we'll cover in the video podcast.

Endless options for the salsa dancing traveller.  It's going to be a great year!  I wish I had more time to actually enjoy it, as salsa dancing is going to have to a bit of a back seat to geting some amazing work done (in the "Work at home" market).

Just a reminder of a small part of the SalsaCrazy Resources we have out there, available to everyone: SalsaCrazy's Online Instructional Salsa Dance BootCamp. Lots of teachers, all styles of salsa dance, and both online and offline (Free DVDs for members). Salsa Dance Cruises and Vacations that are, simply put, the best vacations in the world.  This is where it's at! Our Bestselling Salsa Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD set for Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dancers. Absoultey a can't miss! Learn to Dance Our Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System is a 6 DVD set for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers only! SalsaCrazy Video Salsa Dance Podcasts cover worldwide Salsa Dance events and news. Here you can get all our past and future episodes. We have a new episode coming next week!

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There's little doubt, we're really crazy about salsa. I am REALLY crazy about salsa!

This is just a sampling of our over 100 sites … (yes, 100, all for salsa in some way). Crazy eh? But are we missing something? Let us know, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Oh, and for those whom are interested in what we do for business (and no, it's not Salsa – that's our passion), visit http://www.MarketingCrazy.comInternet Marketing and entrepeneurial business advice.

I hope to see you at one of the great salsa events this coming year, or some of our events coming next year!

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Keep Dancing and Keep it CrazY!

SC (SalsaCrazy, Evan)


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