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Happy New Years Everyone!

Wow, can you believe it – that was great. We (SalsaCrazy) had a stellar, local, sold out Salsa Dance party at the W Hotel for New Years. It was great fun! Hope everyone had a salsa new years, and is ready to…

Well, what are we doing in 2009? It's the year of change, so I think everyone is kind of on pins and needles waiting to see what happens. New president in only 10 days…

So far, the year has started with a big boom! In fact, December of 2008 was huge for SalsaCrazy and all our affiliated businesses. The largest December we have ever had in fact. January looks like it's not letting up either. Obviously, discretionairy spending on dance DVDs is way, way, up.

I am back teaching salsa dance lessons in San Francisco this month. It feels great teaching again, and I'm really enjoying the new venue! It's only Monday nights for now, but we'll see if more time frees up to teach. I absolutely love it.

We're just about a week away from our salsa cruise to the Mexican Riviera, with live band, Chino Espinoza onboard.  Woohoo, and that's followed immediately by the Hawaii Salsa Festival in February. I will try to take some cool videos and such while at both the events, and post them on the blog.

Just a quick message, since I've not written in the blog for quite some time. New Years Resolution perhaps? Write in the blog more?

Keep Dancing, Keep it Crazy, and Have some Salsa Fun in 2009!

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