SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance News VideoCast: Salsa Dancing Worldwide Salsa News, Winter, 2008; Episode 8

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Salsa Crazy Worldwide Salsa Dance News, Winter 2008! The eight SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance Video pod Cast and our last podcast of 2008. :)   This is our 8th Worldwide SalsaCrazy Salsa Dancing podcast (Edition: 11/25/08).  Did you miss our past episodes? They're VERY hot…

This video podcast covers worldwide salsa dancing news (San Francisco Bay Area salsa news on – for local SF Bay Area salsa dancing and video podcasts, please refer to that Website, and not this one).

This is the worldwide salsa dance news Podcast that goes with the Website, SalsaCrazy Worldwide Salsa Dance News.  Let me know what ya' think of our fourth episode,

This is a smaller podcast simply covering the end of the year haps…Join the fun! Send in your news, and share this with your friends (look for the Share this Icon):

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Of course, as mentioned in the video cast, here are the key points:

1) SalsaCrazy Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System is now on Pre-Order Sale!

2) Not An advanced dancer yet? Don't worry, we've got ya' covered. Start from the Beginning of Salsa Dance, step by step, from your very first little baby steps…

3) Mexican Riviera Salsa Dance Cruise has now been announced… - All are welcome!




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