New York Salsa Congress – Salsa Dancing in New York, Part 3

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A word…


That's what I'd say about Eddie Palmieri's performance at LQs in New York City last night.  Yes, the songs were long (for dancing), and at first, I wasn't completely awed…

The awe struck halfway during the 2nd song, where there was a horn solo that just screamed. I mean screamed. It was so freaking jamming it's hard to write about it.  The kind of solo that just stops you dead in your tracks. I wasn't dancing at the time (still nursing the old injury), but when I heard that, it simply wasn't possible to stand still.

From then on – I was in seventh heaven. Great music, moving music! All around. Right after the song I saw Jimmy Bosch on stage, and it all made sense. What a screamin' performance! What a fantastic band.  Wow. Really. Ya' just have GOT to love that.

LQ is a club that I go to regularly when I'm in New York, and it rarely dissapoints. Nope, the "dancer's" were not there in force (opting I'd imagine for the pre-congress party, which I attended afterwards), but the music lovers, and a few of the appreciators were there (I saw Utribe in the house, as well as DJ Miche from HK). The overall crowd was quite large (packed even). Everyone was dancing. It was awesome!

It's the kind fo show you come to New York to see. The DJ also was the best "dancer's" DJ so far, opting for some really fun, danceable tunes.  All in all, freakin' outrageous, and a major turn of events from the previous night. Oh, and it was $5. How unreal is that? Sheesh!

Yes, I danced through til' closing, which was at an amazingly early 1am or so, and then made it to the Pre-Congress party at Cache which was still in full swing at 2am. Totally packed. $15, and reminiscent of a typical pre-congress party. Not to say it wasn't awesome, it was. I'm just fairly jaded on this type of thing – remember, after 15 years, I've more or less, seen it all. Yet, the energy was palpable, and the floor was filled with pretty exceptional dancers. Unfortunately, the typical "congress" music wasn't doing it for me after the brilliant music at LQ.  Ah well, c'est la vie.

It was time to call it a night. An exceptional night, out salsa dancing in New York.

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