New York Salsa Congress – Salsa Dancing in New York, Part 2

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Salsa Dancing in New York – New York Salsa Congress, Day 2

Ok, lots of info! I write this missive from Central park, on an oh-so-comfortable bench. I think I may be the model for a couple of student artists across the way, as I sit on my rocky perch overlooking a grand city vista view, and a tiny little lake…Perfect weather too…

Last night, my second night in New York, the Salsa congress Dance festivities took place at a bar called Link Bar, but recently renamed, Side Step (as in, side step around this place perhaps). It was downtown – around 15th street and 3rd, and it was a trek from the Hilton (a fair, but nice, walk…). When I got there (early, as always, around 8pm) it was totally packed … and totally SMALL. Yep, small. As in TINY. As in, even with two rooms, this place was smaller than last nights club. Marketed as an "upscale" establishment, this place simply didn't cut it. It's not bad, just not super nice either. Dance floors were ok, and there were two of them, in two small interconnecting rooms, each with a bar, but both had spilled drinks on them (no doubt due to the standing room, wall to wall, bustling crowd).

It was just way too crowded (strangely enough, not by dancers in large part – but I may have been too early). It was also much younger than other clubs I've been to (a good thing), no doubt because of the location. After an hour or so, I just couldn't take it. I think I just wasn't in the mood for it, so I made a fateful decision to check out the other Tuesday night New York salsa club. It's on the Upper West Side (yes, believe it or not), on 72nd and Columbus, and it's using the Copa name (and following the copa Tuesday/Friday format as well).

Yet, this ain't no Copa. Not by a longshot. I can't say I've been to many worse clubs in my life, but this was pretty high up there. I think I lasted an hour there as well, my highlight running into a nice couple from Holland whom were here for Congress – giving me my single good dance of the night (yay).  The music was … uninspired. The crowd, as well, especially compared to the young crowd at the last club, was an older crowd. I was likely, apart from my Holland friends, the youngest guy in the place.

That being said, I don't want to come down too hard on the place, because like any club, it's the luck of the draw, and the night, whom you run into, or whom attends. Perhaps this was just an off night (likely due to the other club's grand opening, and the salsa congress).

Both bars were very bad, for all the drinkers out there.

So, not a stellar night of dancing tonight! Ya' win some, ya' lose some. :)

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