New York Salsa Congress – Salsa Dancing in New York, Part 1

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Salsa Dancing in New York City will return, after this complete and totally useless tangent:

Taking the train from Washington DC to New York, I'm reminded about how great it is to be in a city that has a transit system. Not just any transit system mind you, but a transit system that works well on multiple levels. Excellent rail system (both intercity, and through states). Taxis everywhere. It's just easy to get around. No, the West Coast has nothing like it. New York, London and Paris lead the way. DC is good, but there's just no Western city counterpart…

Anyway, it's quite easy to hope a quick shuttle between cities, and can be cheap with some planning. Three hours after setting out, I arrived in Penn Station.  After making my way to absolutely absurdly posh accomodations (which I just can't bring myself to talk about on the blog), I was off to experience a quick bite to eat in NY before the nights events.

I had only a few hours, and I just popped into a trendy looking sushi place and sat at the bar (after a 10 minute wait). Wow! It was freakin' great. Only in New York. I mean, this was some world class fish (at world class prices), but it was just so darn good. Coming from Washington DC … man, my taste buds were happy. :)   But you don't want to hear about sushi do you?

So, on to the news. Yes, I'm at the New York Salsa Congess, and yes, I just experienced my first night out. Monday night mind you – not typically the grandest night of the week, but the dancers and bands was great. New Swing Sextet played, and they played well! Who DJ'd?

Um, Felipe (San Francisco Bay Area DJ)! Yes, it was hometown SF in the house as Felipe El de la Clave played to a packed Sessions 73 nightclub on the Monday night pre-pre party. Lots of fun, and it was great to see him (and also Katie was there from San Francisco as well). Felipe did a great job, and his sets of music were totally stellar. I also ran into old students, and yes… Dj Miche of the soon-to-be-famous Venetian-Macao salsa festival, which I'll cover in more detail later.

Lots of familiar faces in the house – but no more name dropping here. Just a fun, laid bad dance crowd on a Monday night, at a nice club. It left me eager to see what the rest of the week has in store. Also, the Congress book itself – a program and event guide – was really nicely done. A big, thick book, makes you really feel like your part of a well thought out, planned (and financed) event. Great job by Choco so far.

I twisted a muscle last week, doing no more than jumping rope (argh), so my dancing is gonna be a bit limited. Still, good music, and a few stellar dances is all I need to be entirely content! I found all that last night, and more. Really – salsa dancing in New York … there's something about it that is just a whole lotta fun.

My favorite – Eddie Palmieri, is actually playing on Wednesday at LQ (Latin Quarter). Not a New York Salsa Congress event, it's definitely where I'm likely to be.  How cool is that? On a Wednesday, for $5 no less! Wow.  Gotta love New York … It's on.

Upcoming Cool Worldwide Events: Philipine Salsa Festival, Macau Salsa and Mambo Festival. Wow, go Asia!

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