Salsa Dancing in Italy: Salsa Dance in Rome is off the hook…

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Ok, I'm going to share with you a secret you may not know. Salsa Dance in Rome is off the hook. I mean, it's simply amazing! Speaking at the Prague Salsa Festival to Pedro Gomez, he told me of the thriving Rome Salsa scene. Pedro, who was a nice guy I met having a latte in my Congress hotel, is quite a well known guy here (he's a bona fide salsa star), but when first meeting him, I had no idea who he was. Very nice, very down to Earth, a seriously nice guy.

So, in Rome, clubs on weekend would get thousands of people (yes, each and every week, thousands of dancers). While all the clubs are located outside of the center of the city, Salsa in Rome is plentiful, with options every single day of the week to fill your salsa dancing needs, and give you your salsa fix. The dancing is very big, with a strong On1/On2 population, joining alongside their massive cuban population.  Going to Italy latey? I also heard the same of Milan.

Also, the biggest tip of all, only for my SalsaCrazy SalsaNews readers, the best music is coming right out of Italy as well. That's right, salsa music out of Italy. I can't find these songs anywhere else, but I found a place online that sells some great compilations. This is such a salsa secret, since no DJs seem to share this info!

Now, I have ordered everyting this store has, but I have not recieved anything, so buyer beware! The store seems legit, but until I get my CDs, you may want to wait for my report.

All their Latin music is fantastic.  There are some songs you simply can't find anywhere else (like the Sting Salsa song, Fragile, and others). This salsa music is just so good, it's mind boggling. Now, bear in mind, this is cutting edge stuff, so is NOT intended for the salsa purist. There can be rap, reggaeton, salsaton, fusion, etc…

But it's dance floor magic! It will burn the salsa dance floor of any club.

Rome, Spain (again), and yes, Greece, are all seriously on my salsa radar!

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  • G.

    great to hear that salsa in rome is off the hook but you didn t give us any leads on where to go on which nights. i m an LA dancer traveling through europe and i will be in rome for one night this thursday. where do recommend that i go to get my salsa fix. you advice would be greatly apprecitated.

  • http://www.salsanadia Salsanadia

    I have the same question.
    I am going to Rome in September. where do you recommend to go? Your advice would be greatly apprecitated.

  • Lily Smeulders


    Could you give me names or adresses of Salsa Clubs in Rome? We are visiting Rome and will have a stay till 8tn of november.
    Thank you,

  • Catnippurr

    I don't want to buy music. I would like to go dancing in Roma. Can you tell me where the clubs are located per favore?

  • Sts

    Yes, name the salsa clubs, please!! I know about Palacavicchi, but I don't know of any other clubs of note…. Spill the beans, sir!

  • Guest

    Have no idea why you mention how great the salsa clubbing is in Rome but don't mention the clubs?

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