Salsa Prague, Salsa Budapest and Salsa Krakow: Salsa Dance Update from Central (not Eastern) Europe

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Salsa Prague, Budpast and the start of Krakow

I felt I had to take a break from all this traveling, and salsa dancing, to at least briefly update my salsa crazy blog with word of my travels.  My apologies for not updating sooner, but things are crazy (crazy travel) and I’ve got tons of salsa dance tips, reviews, and city travel guides for you, for all of Eastern Europe.

After just arriving in Krakow, Poland, on the night train from an exhaustive day of sightseeing in Budapest (proceeded by, of course, a fantastic night of salsa dancing in Budapest), I’m now sitting at a most lavish Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Grodek. I can already tell you, this hotel is great (a must for those visiting Krakow).

Salsa Dancing through Eastern Europe has been amazing, and my full review of the Prague Salsa Festival is complete (and will be posted on It was an amazing salsa festival, and a beautiful, gorgeous, friendly city. In addition, Budapest was enormously fun, and even though my stay was brief (I may return), I was amazed to dance On2 the entire time in one club, and entirely Cuban style in another. Both had exceptionally good music (and yes, the full stories will be at

I’ve lined up some possible salsa dance venues for tonight in Krakow, and look forward to leisurely touring the beautiful old town cobblestone streets of Krakow later today. What an amazing city from what I’ve seen so far. I’ve heard people compare Krakow to the Prague of ten years ago, so we’ll see how that holds true. I must admit, on my brief walk through the city from the train station, it was both beautiful, and friendly.

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You can expect some more posts, and some more fun, coming soon! This is SalsaCrazy, roving Salsa Dance reporter, signing off from the Krakow, Poland…

P.S. Stay tuned, for the new look of, coming soon!


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