The Seven Amazing and Crazy Benefits to Dance, Salsa Dancing in Particular

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Today, I wanted to share with you the greatest secret I've discovered in my relatively short life.  My name is Evan Margolin, of, and what I want to share goes to the very core of what people desire in their lives, and it boils down to simply this. It's going to seem crazy at first…
Dance!  I know, your'e probably not too shocked about that…
What's the big secret about that, right? Well, it's a little complicated. Why Salsa Dance? Why dance at all? It's not terribly easy, and it does take some time and effort to get proficient at it.  You may not have ever though about doing it in your entire life. You risk looking foolish, you have to interact with other people, conquer your fears of the unknown, and it often costs you money to do it.  But if you remember anything from this post, remember how important it is to take that first step! 
I want to tell you what makes it so great!  I'm going to detail, in a simple list, the benefits most people find through dance (yes, most people), and salsa dance in particular (ok, I may be a little biased (I am "SalsaCrazy after all) - these benefits do apply to all types of dance). ;)   These are in no particular order, as I didn't want to choose what's benefit is more important than another.
1) Social Benefits of Dance: You'll meet more people dancing, than in any other single activity on the face of the planet! Singles bars? Ha! Health clubs? No way. You'll laugh at the things you used to do to meet people, because once you dance, it all becomes so easy – it's effortless. We devote an entire newsletter to this later on – so stay tuned, but rest assured your social, business, and play network (of friends, associates, and …) will grow exponentially.  Once you learn this single, amazingly fun skill, you will never be far from being able to meet someone, and have an immediate connection. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what language everyone speaks – It’s nothing short of miraculous! 
2) What if you’ve already found that special someone, and you’re not looking to expand your social circle?  Well, the benefits to couples, married or not, is equally as impressive as point #1. The bond it will create between the two of you, and the immense passions that will ensue, will (re)-ignite any relationship. Once again, its got to be experienced to be believed, but, a couple that dance’s together, stay’s together! Dance is the answer (specifically salsa dance – I just had to say it . . . again). ;) It helps you relate to others in a passionate, honest, and unique way.
3) Confidence – You'll become more comfortable with yourself, and you'll find your confidence affects every aspect of your life. You’ll find confidence that extends to many aspects of your life, far beyond your dancing.  Yes, this confidence will begin to show itself after your very first lesson, just by conquering your doubts and fears, and taking action to better yourself. As you progress, so will your level of confidence in what you can do! Everyone will see the difference – your friends, your boss, your family. We're not talking about confidence in your dance abilities, but rather, confidence in yourself.  Dance has powerful benefits that simply are not readily apparent when you get started.
4) Self Expression – The ability to express your self, verbally or with movement, is important to us all.  Perhaps you'll have to hear and feel the music first, to fully grasp this one, but the ability to express yourself, with another person, to beautiful, exciting and passionate music, fulfills a basic human need (that you may not even know you have).  Especially in an Urban jungle, or in the confines of your cubicle or office, and throughout your work life, opportunities to truly express yourself are few and far between. This will make you a happier person, and provide you an outlet that perhaps you did not even realize that you needed. There's one way to find out – and it requires you to take that first step!
5) Weight Loss – Self explanatory. You lose weight, you feel better about yourself, you live longer.  Personally, I used to weigh 40 pounds more, and had tried every diet on the planet!  Who would have though, all I had to do was dance. I wish I had known about this earlier.  More on this in a separate newsletter – coming soon.  Long and short, dance will help you lose weight, and get fit. In addition, since it’s so much fun, you’ll be doing more of it than any other exercise I can think of.
6) Flexibility, Coordination and posture: Not only will these benefits affect you, but they also affect how people see you at first glance.  You’ll have better posture, and hold yourself better – you’ll even walk better.  It’s just that good.
7) Happiness and Fulfillment – I'm not going to get religious, or too spiritual, but we're all here to lead good lives. To affect others, or to find our places in the world, is no easy task.  To be honest with ourselves is difficult, and that says nothing about being truthful to others. Dance is a way to happiness! It's a way to become honest with your self, and to eventually find that fulfillment that perhaps is lacking.
And finally, is dance truly for everyone? Really, can anyone do it?  Is this the answer for every person that has a problem on the planet? The lonely? The overweight? The old, the angry, the disillusioned, the poor? In my eyes – yes, it can provide an answer to almost everyone. Not everyone can become the greatest dancer in the world, but everyone has something to gain from the effort. Some people will be affected more than others, some people will try it and move on, but everyone needs to make the attempt.  The more reasons you can think of NOT to do it – the more you're probably going to benefit from it.  I can say that from personal experience!
This report just scratches the surface. I mean it – you'll have dozens more topics to add to this after your first month. And more than that, you're going to have a great time taking these classes, adding a passion and a skill to your life that's going to last you forever.  So? Take that first step! We can help…
So, what are you going to do? Take that first step, and . . .


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  • honestly70

    LOL. I have to say, this is true. I started learning to dance salsa about a year ago, its very addictive. I used to jump from hobby to hobby, trying anything that struck my fancy, nothing holding my attention for more than a few months. Once i got into dancing it became an obsession. My friends do notice a difference and have commented that i am a lot more laid back and look so much happier and enthusiastic, although they say my life is quite boring now. They know where i will be every saturday night. :) I've made many new friends that share this passion and it is definitely great cardio. I rarely drink when i dance and i dance with anyone i can follow so its a lot of calorie burning. I've always had good posture thanks to my mothers incessant nagging but i do feel more graceful and coordinated. I also seem to be less phased by set downs in life, its alright, i've got dancing. Its like using salsa like someone that wants to drown the pain/sadness/stress reaches for a drink, minus the hangover. What i've also noticed is that most of the people i've met that have been dancing for years (men and women) look so much younger than their age. coincidence??

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  • Ella

    Quote: a couple that dance’s together, stay’s together!


    Oh dear, great article, but please fix up the apostrophes and grammar, they hurt!

    'a couple that dances together stays together!'

    or even better:

    'a couple who dance together stay together'

  • salsa heels

    I find this very true, salsa is a real exercise, by dancing 7 hours a week I lost once almost 3 kilos in one month, I made a bunch of friends, met really nice women and forgot about my problems too

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