Salsa Dancing in San Francisco, Home at Last…

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I'm baaaaaack.  First off <prepare for advertisement> I'll be teaching classes in March on Monday nights at Roccapulco. So go and register for salsa dance classes ( <end advertisement>

Wow, it's been a couple of months of travel, well documented on various blogs such as the new, covering salsa dance in Sydney Australia (and let me tell you, salsa dancing is crazy in Sydney), and, (a blog about my internet lifestyle and buidling a business on the net).

Through the travel, and the sold out salsa dance cruise in the Caribbean (next cruise announced soon), and two new FREE DVDs for all the members of our online salsa dance school (two exceptionally packed DVDs – if you're not a member, you are missing out), I've finally returned home. I've barely been out dancing at all…

More on that in a second, but first, the next SalsaCrazy Party has been announced, and we'll be doing it at Roccapulco again. Yay! The date is Saturday, March 22nd, and the band is Bakan – Get your Tickets at!  These are great parties, and they always pull out a great crowd of new dancers, and the tons of people you just rarely get a chance to catch up with (um, 2LeftFeet and SuperChi?). Should be an exceptional party, and one not to be missed.

But, I did make it out on Friday night to the new Jillians nightclub. Though suffering from some of the same problems as previous management (late start, lessons), it was really great to be back here. This could, as before, quickly become a mainstay in salsa culture around here. I hope the promoters keep it up, and keep booking great bands. This club requires a lot of promotion, but with time, and care, this could be an exceptional night out on the town. I had a great night out. Lots of fun dances.

Back to Roccapulco, I hear they are bringing Grupe Niche on March 29th, and that Gilberto Santa Rosa will be at Cocomo n March as well. Wow, great shows!  Have to love that.  I'm still getting re-accustomed to the city, so my dance schedule isn't completely laid out yet, but you'll likely see me out and about at Glas Kat on Tuesdays, DownLow Wednesday (if I can make that trip across the bridge), Roccapulco/Jillians on Friday, CigarBar (wed/friday/saturday), and Jelly's on Sunday.  We'll see, I'm trying to go to new places, or even better yet, somewhere I can enjoy some Cuban music (boy, do I miss Elbo Room on Thursday or what?).

Anyway, I'll give you more San Francisco Salsa Dance news as I get settled in!

I think I've enabled comments on the blog now, so you can leave comments if you wish! Yay.

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