Salsa Dance Hawaii, Salsa Dancing in the Caribbean…and?

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Ok, made it from Sydney to Hawaii, and now I sit in beautiful Hawaii, where the temperate (70's), and the sun is shining on my deck (with unbelievable gorgeous views of Waikiki and Diamonhead), and sporadic tropical showers too!

I've been out salsa dancing almost every night, save one.  The Salsa Festival starts in just two days, with a special Thursday night kick off party. Tonight is actually my favorite salsa night at a salsa club called Zanzibar, at the World Center in Waikiki.  Great club, and probably the biggest night currently on the Island. I just got back from the Hano Hano room (spelling might be off), and that's a beautiful place that sits atop the Sheraton. Gorgeous views of the moonlit beaches, lit up by torches at night. 

Oh, and also, SalsaCrazy raving (ok, roving) reporter, Dakin Ferris is getting married tomorrow to fellow Salsera Kayono (congratulations Dakin and Kayono), on the beaches of Oahu (how cool is that?). I spent last night in their absolutely killer suite … all further information on that night has been censored.

Hawaii is just unbelievably beatufiul. I find myself walking around, and just amazed most of the time. I rented a Mustang Convertible yesterday and had a great time driving around the North Shore (and visited fellow Salsera's Mexican restaraunt, Cholos, for a great meal and margaritas).  Beautiful island. How come every time I leave I seem to forget that?  Don't get me wrong, San Francisco is great too (and the best salsa city in the world…). :)

So, Hawaii Salsa Fetival is this weekend, and next week is the SalsaCrazy Caribbean Cruise (totally sold out, with huge waiting list – sorry, get on the email list for future cruises), and in between it all, they'll be a handfull of new websites launching too (more on that soon, just putting the finishing touches…). And yes, the Sydney Salsa Dance Report is coming, I promise. I just have to write that last little bit…

Hope everyone is out there dancing up a storm! I haven't been back to San Francisco in a while, so looking forward to my eventual return.  On the horizon, Prague and Eastern Europe (April), and the Med in June, and summer in New York. How do I travel so much? Well, I work when i travel. How do I do that? You can find out here, all about internet marketing, and if you want, you can do it too.  It's a crazy life…

Oh, and I finally enabled the ability to post comments without registering, so if you'd like to comment on any posts, you can finally do that without registering! Yay.  Oh yeh, one last, little, thing…Pre Release launch notice for thsoe that have read this far down in the blog post.  SalsaCrazy Social, Salsa Dance Social Network. Log in, create a profile, and make yourself known. 

Keep Dancing and Keep it Crazy! More soon…


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