Hawaii Salsa Festival, Sydney Salsa, Caribbean Cruises and…

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and what? Lost salsa dance blog posts, that's what! Ok, so we'll talk about Hawaii, Sydney, and the Caribbean, and more… AGAIN…

If I wasn't sitting on my hotel balcony right now, overlooking the beautiful beaches of Waikiki, I'd be pulling out what's left of my hair. I just lost a huge blog post, completely, due to a computer glitch. Can you believe that? Argh. Time to re-write:

Relax, breathe the wonderful Hawaii seabreeze…

Ok, I can continue now. So, I'm back from Sydney (and yes, the entire Sydney salsa dance wrap up is coming this week, at some point), and have landed in gorgeous Hawaii. No matter how many times I visit here, I can't seem to ever remember quite how beautiful it is.  Whenever I come back, I'm bowled over by the shher beauty of it all.  Obviously, I'm here for the upcoming Hawaii Salsa Festival, the launch party coming up this Thursday:

"Thursday pre-party from 7pm to 2am at the Pagoda Hotel La Salle Ballroom.  We'll be dancing to Hawaii's Premier Salsa DJ's, DJ Ray Cruz of Sabor Tropical and DJ Rod El Moreno de La Salsa along with DJ Gene.ius One.  Beginner's class from 7pm to 8pm.  Tickets for the event will be on sale.  We'll be introducing the instructors in town."

And I'm also in town for my friend, and raving (ok, roving) salsacrazy reporter, Dakin's hush-hush weddin'. Yep, Dakin and Kayono are going to marry in a small family ceremony on the beaches of Oahu (how cool is that?). Major Congratulations go out to both of them!

I actually rented a Mustang convertible yesterday and toured the gorgeous North Shore (and visited fellow Salseras Mexican restaraunt, Cholos, for fish tacos and margaritas, yum). Fun car. Hit the gas, and the noise and vibration it produces is quite… um… satisfying. Gotta love the "muscle cars", even if they pale in comparison to my old '68 Dodge Dart. ;)

It's not too late to take in a day (or the whole) Hawaii Festival. However, after the festival, we have the completey sold out (sorry) SalsaCrazy Caribbean Salsa Cruise (join the email list to here about next year's Salsa Cruise). We'll be dancing in the Caribbean for the coming Valentines week. This one is sold out, with a long waiting list, so there's likely little chance to join us on this one. Beyond that, there's Prague and Eastern Europe in April/May, and New York/Washington in the Summer. All this travel! Yes, I work too…in the internet marketing field…really the home business field.

Hey, and since you read this far, let me "let you" on the hot tip of the upcoming SalsaCrazySocial, a great social worldwide salsa dancing website. Join up, make a group for your city, dance troupe, school, or group of friends. This is a great fun site…(not released yet). We'll see ya' there!

Oh, and I fianlly am allowing comments to the blog, and without registering too! Go ahead, submit a comment, be heard.

Keep Dancing and Keep it Crazy! More soon..

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