Hawaii Salsa Dance Festival, Salsa in Paradise! Join Salsa Crazy in Hawaii

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As I gaze out upon the beautiful vista of waves crashing on the beach, gorgeous weather, and endless sunshine, I can't help but wonder why the ENTIRE world doesn't come to this festival. 

I'm here now, about to go on to Sydney, but making final preperations for the Hawaii Salsa Festival that takes place at the end of this month, and let me tell you, there are some GREAT deals here! Yes, you can still make it, and from the mainland, it's like $500, including hotel (I just saw some great deal on Expedia).

Regardless of how you get to Hawaii, you need to be here! The festival takes place January 30th – February 3rd, and you can get tickets at the website (it's very inexspensive for the festival itself).

So, basically, you get the vacation of a lifetime, with surf, sun, sand and…of course, the Island beauty, and you can do it all inexspensively, and it happens at the end of this month!  I'm sure you get the picture. You should be here. The Hawaii Salsa Festival has it all.

The whole world comes to Hawaii, where will you be?  Hope to see ya' there!

Oh, I almost forgot, this year's lineup of dancers and teacher's is incredible. With a strong Bay Area group like Junior and Emily and Enrqiue, but also stars like Edie the Salsa Freak, and Liz Lira and more. Let me tell you, this is NOT the time to stay at home!

Get online, book your tickets, grab your passes, get your swimsuit, and come to the Hawaii Salsa Festival! It's time to take a vacation in Paradise and start your year off right…

What is it about Hawaii that is so magical? I've really only stopped hear for about a day on my way to Sydney, but I am totally swept up in the calm, the beauty, and the entire "feel" when you arrive. Amazing.  I (almost) view the salsa dancing as a bonus, to an amazing trip. Hope to see everyone there!

Oh, one more thing, just for blog readers – the ratio here of men to women is matched nowhere else in the world except for Tokyo, Japan. It is a paradise for many reasons!  If you come, regardless of your level, you will have more dance partners than you have ever had, likely in your entire life (had you not visited Japan).

The clock is ticking…Book Now!



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