Sydney Salsa Festival, and Sydney World Festival: Salsa Dance Australia

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Ok, prior to our big announcement about Salsa Dance in Australia (yep, we have an announcement about that coming in February), I'm heading over there to review the salsa dancing scene, and a great salsa congress as well. I've heard for years how Sydney (and many places in Australia) have thriving salsa dance scenes, a great social and competitive scene (the 3 time World Salsa Champions, Oliver and Luda), and an overall very friendly and open community. I can't wait to check it out. 

Care to join me at the Sydney Salsa Congress? How about the Sydney Festival (a larger, longer, crazier event – not geared to salsa, but Spanish Harlem Orchestra is playing)? I know, it's a very long trek for many of us – perhaps too long, but this is a travelling year for me, so this is the frist stop.  Do you have friends, know hotels or food places, clubs…any advice about the Sydney Salsa Scene (or tourist scene) is great appreciated.

Afterwards, as many of you know, it's The Hawaii Salsa Festival, and yes, I'll be coming back for it!  This is really  a "salsa dance in paradise" style event, as salsa (at least of me), is just one of the things that keeps me coming back to Hawaii. It's simply so beautiful and peaceful there, I love just hanging out on the beach, watching the sunsets… the whole "Hawaii" vibe. And the actual salsa, well, that's simply amazing. Great ratio of fantastic dancers means that you'll dance as much as you want to (or can physically manage), and it's a very friendly and jovial crowd. This year, big teachers like Edie the Salsa Freak, and Junior and Emily are headlining, along with Liz Lira, and others. It's going to be a great event, in a great location, and the way to start your year off right.

So, one question, are you coming with me? Get your Tickets to the Hawaii Salsa Festival, and Join the fun!  Don't miss it.  Oh, and one more thing. Tickets are amazing cheap on Expedia! I mean, really cheap. You can get there, and stay, for great prices right now. See ya' in February in Hawaii.  Of all the things I do, this is the one that's the most accessible adventure for everyone. Join in.

Of course, after that, it's the sold out SalsaCrazy Valentines cruise to the Caribbean.  Yep, sold out.  But, don't fear. There's a waiting list, and you might still be able to come. Just call 1-866-DanceFun, and ask to get on the waiting list for cabins on the Valentines SalsaCrazy Cruise. It's that easy. There's still a fair chance a cabin might open up, and you DO want to be on this cruise. So call now (operators are standing by…uh, no…not really). Hope to see you on board as we sail, salsa and… what's another "S" word? Um… as we sail, salsa and sun ourselves on the sultry, saphire beaches of the salacious caribbean coasts.  Yeh! That's the ticket… Join us onboard. 1-866-DanceFun to book and get info.

Still want more? Of course ya' do. How about Prague! Yes…Prague. The Prague Salsa Festival.  I know. Crazy. But join me there, April 11th. I'm really looking forward to this, having never been to Eastern Europe. Now that the dollar makes it prohibitively expensive to visti places like London or Paris, it's the perfect time to visit Eastern Europe, where you can still (barely) afford it. ;) Not just going to Prague, but going to travel all over.  More on this later, since it's a ways out still.

Finally, there are places like Israel, which host the Med Sasla Congress – one of the largest and craziest congresses in the world. I want to visit, but not entirely sure that this year is the year (although it should be).

So what about the home salsa dance front? Salsa in San Francisco is alive and well.  As always the SalsCrazy Salsa Dance Calendar will keep you up to date on all the events and what's going on.  We have such a vibrant, fun scene here. Don't take it for granted. Get out and dance (every single night). Ok, maybe not EVERY single night, but at least twice a week. You can manage that can't you.

Don't know how to dance yet? SalsaCrazy offers salsa dance classes all over the Bay Area with The San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance Classes school, so you can learn, step by step, how to dance. And of course, the worldwide bestselling salsa dance videos and DVDs by salsacrazy are available at Finally, there's, for all those looking for an online experience.

That should hold you for a bit. Any advice for any of these trips? Any hook ups? Pass em on!  Otherwise, as always, keep dancing, and keep it crazy!

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