World Salsa Championships: Wrap up Videos of Salsa Crazyness

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Ok, so we posted our final wrap up of the scores and the outcome of the 2007 World Salsa Championships, and here are the videos that go along with that article below. 

Our first video is stunning, and it's of the final routine done by Junior and Emily (3rd place, but um…wow). It's really amazing in it's speed and fluid movement. All I can say is wow – judge for yourself. Salsa dancing at an insane level!


 Wow, wow, wow! Congrats you guys. That's beautiful. Amazing! Incredible! Beautiful.

ok, so what next? I'm not sure anything can follow that, honestly, but here's the results, as they were announced, and the inevitable controversy. You hear some things from audience that are unfortunate (like booing) as the results were definitely a stunner to those there. But still, booing? Are you kidding me? I think Dakin's report says it all, but here's the video to go with it.


And, finally, a shot of celebration, as the Columbians celebrate their sweeps in Teams and Cabaret:


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