World Salsa Championships, Orlando, Final Results (Initial Report)

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Ok, they'll be a final report, a wrapup, and parting thoughts, along with TONS of great videos, coming soon, but just to get the results out there, here they are:

Results of the World Salsa Championships, Orlando, 2007

Bay Area placed as follows:

on1 — Ricardo and Tianne — 7th place
on1 — Isidro and Sheila — 6th place

(Abel and Zumara — first place)

on2 — John and Liz — not positive but I think its 5th place
on2 — LouDog — fourth place
on2 — Junior and Emily — third place
*note that after reading this result there was at least three minutes of booing and a near riot….followed by the audience chanting "Junior" "Junior"
(on2 — Jhesus Aponte took second and Oliver and Luda took first)

cabaret — 3rd – Kelvin and Lisa, 2d (Colombian), 1st (Colombian) John and June

teams – DanceSport All-Stars (LouDog) took fourth, top three teams were Colombian, the winners being the same as last year…..

i will finish my write up and video postings from Ponce next week once I have slept for two days.

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