World Salsa Dance Championships: Day 3 – Second Report, Reults Analysis, 2007

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By Dakin Ferris, Incoherent Correspondent for SalsaCrazy

Sorry folks, but after a night of elation and then tears that went almost until sunrise, I needed some sleep and a few minutes to compose myself before posting the results.  I am surrounded here by greatness, not just salsa talent, but greatness of heart and soul….and the results brought a few Bay Area shockers which, if nothing else, will show you I should never be allowed to judge anything more than a kids sack-race!  Results are in separate pictures taken by Kayono, but here is my analysis:


On1 – All top ten scored in the 80s, so a very tight race here!!


10.  JAPAN'S TETSU AND EMI – Yeah!  I love this couple.  They won the competition in Beijing earlier this year, and I am happy to report, that was not a fluke.  Though they dance on1, their style is much closer to on2/mambo than on1/L.A. — with a good showing in the finals, I expect them to creep up in the rankings and are dark horses to take it all.


7.  SF'S RICARDO AND TIANNE – WOW!!!!  From the first time I wrote about loving their routine at the Glas Kat months ago to now, this couple really proved that it doesn't have to be about tricks….and artistic interpretation and elegance will be rewarded.  A big congratulations to these two.


6.  L.A.'S ABEL AND ZUMARA  – These two had to change their routine a lot because of the trick rule….look for these prior winners to go way up in the ranking now that they have had a chance to really work their new changes in.


1.  SF'S ISIDRO AND SHEILA — The scoring speaks for itself.  Along with the Canadians, they were three or so points above everyone else.  With perfect execution, this deserving couple will be unstoppable.


Note: A major blow that Jorge and Lupita didn't make it.  I had them as a virtual lock.  I have no doubt they will be back next year holding one of these coveted spots.


On2 – Note the much wider range in scores in this category than on1!







I was pretty sure all four of these were in and held top spots, so I have no shockers here….these are great results for the Bay Area.


Team Division

Aside from the stunner I will mention below, the Colombians are clearly dominant here with four of the top ten teams.  Modus Vivendi from Sydney and Louis Antonios DanceSport All-Stars from New York and in the hunt too, however.  My instincts were right with the Korean team as well, as they were rewarded with a well deserved spot.

For the first time since this competition started there are NO SF BAY AREA Teams to make the finals.  I wish I had a picture for you all.  As the results were announced most of the SF Bay folks were in the middle of the floor, huddled up, bursting with delight….until it was clear first Jorge and Lupita and then SalsaMania didn't make the cut, and then everyone's delight turned to tears and disbelief.  I haven't analyzed how close they came, but this was a shocker on the scale of the Thrilla from Manilla…for that matter, I also had Majesty in Motion as likely recipients of a top ten as well….and as you would expect the SalsaMania folks all treated this like pro's without a gripe, but as a pundit watching from the side, I have to question how much not being able to hear the music hurt them.  I have performed in bad music conditions, but to not have the percussion and piano playing at all with such a musical piece as theirs?  And then to compare them to people who got the benefit of their music….well, I won't scream foul, but I will say I am quite disappointed at the process.  Maybe they still wouldn't have made it, but after all their work, the SalsaMania team deserved better.  A shattering end to a glorious run that, among others, has inspired amatuers like Kayono and I to push ourselves harder and harder, the two SalsaMania teams (that is, Son de Mania as well) are heros to me.  Aside from the massive organizations in Colombia, I know of no other group with the success at the level John and Liz (who also are Colombian of course) have created.  Congratulations to them all for another stunning year of achievement and impact, both locally and globally.


Oh, if you could have been in the circle of tears last night, you would have needed a life preserver to keep your head above water when the names of our loved Alex and Kim were not announced.  Everyone arm in arm, consoling each other.  Its not that they expected to place….Alex and Kim are consummate professionals with unstoppable spirits…..but with their best routine even just completed, it would have been ohhhhh so sweet for them to make it.  Afterwards, Alex and Kim were completely in their zone…..and resolute that this coming year their salsa training would take priority over the tricks.  These two will be back and at their current trajectory, there may be no stopping them next year.

Beyond that, I can't help but notice that with seven of the top ten coming from Colombia, I think my comments yesterday were on spot.  Like their style or not (and I like it A LOT), Colombian style is completely different and so powerful in its own right that it simply has to be put in a separate category–for Cabaret and Teams.  I hope the Salsa Seven look very closel at this issue, because otherwise, I think Cabaret style performers and many teams from most of the rest of the world will stay home.


Congrats to all the Bay Area competitors who didn't make the final cute.  David and Carla, what great progress.  Jorge and Lupita, I think you were robbed!  Enrique and Veronica, I can't wait to see the final numbers, but I suspect you were in the hunt as well.  Son de Mania, you folks set a new level for Bay Area to aspire to.  Thanks to all of you for being the inspiration for so many of us.

Well, time to get ready for tonight… stay tuned for — THE FINALS!!!

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