Salsa Dance, New Years, Ballroom Dancing and Unexpected Occurrenced

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Ok, so New Years is fast approaching! We just sent out our 2 New Years newsletters, for both the San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance Scene, and the worldwide salsa dance scene as well. This time of year is to tough for me, it's driving me crazy. Not much getting done, and little forward progress, but there's a few things.

Our Ballroom Dancing site,, is beginning to take shape after a disasterous launch last year. Yes, I said it, disaster. Sometimes, especially online, spending money does not equal success. We went to an expensive, serious, webstore presence, and in the process, set ourselves back a year, and a lot of money. I talk more about it on my other blog, for internet marketing and entrepeneurs at 

Anyway, we're finally making progress on that, and our larger community based site, that goes along with it. More details on both soon, but for now, back to the salsa scene.

The Metronome Ballroom is launching salsa dancing on Friday and Saturdays and this is their grand opening weekend. Now, granted, I've been out of it lately, but I haven't seen much if any promotion for this. That's not to say they're not advertising with us, and I'm rarely aware of those things these days, but I haven't seen flyers, or any ads out on the net. In fact, I haven't even seen it on their website. What's up with that. Metronome Ballroom salsa dance on Fridays and Saturdays.

Been dancing a lot lately. DownLow Lounge on Wednesdy for Rovira. Cocomo on Thursday with Eric Rangel. Wow. I don't think I can make it out again. Dakin's house party last night. Must sleep and relax now. If I go out tonight, that will be four days in a row.

Funny thing is, back in the day, I used to dance…seven nights a week. That's right. Seven! How do you think I got the name SalsaCrazy anyway?  Now, it's tough to do 1, nevertheless, 4.  Way too crazy!  Will I make it out tonight? Stay tuned. I would say the fact that Whole Foods opened up right across the street from the Metronome, might make it a touch easier to motivate. Combining dinner and dance…a rare occurrence, and one that often time leads to … not so great dancing.  We shall see…

I almost forgot, unexpected! That's right, unexpected. Visit a doctor one day, take some blood tests. 2 Days later, get a call that "something is wrong". 2 Hours later, you're in the hospital emergecy center. 3 hours after that, you've got a private room, and a 2 days stay.  All with barely any symptoms. This just happened to a friend of mine!  Life is short, play hard. 


Ok, back to the "Lost" Marathon!

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