Show SalsaCrazy (and the World) your Salsa Dance Videos!

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Hey SalsaCrazy people!

Just a quick thought that we'd love to see your videos, and I'll gladly share them with the world (that's right, the WORLD).

How has your dancing progressed? What new moves are you learning? We'd love to share your dance videos!  That's right. You can upload anything – become a star overnight. ;)

We've set it all up to make it easy (really easy) to upload videos (of nearly any size or format). So join in on the video resolution (uh, revolution), and give yourself or salsacrazy some props in the process.

You can upload any fun videos you have, as long as they are dance related, and they will make it onto our blog, easy as that. We would really love to see your videos, so I hope you take advantage of this, and show us some cool moves, or even your first basic step. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot! Our new website, Gift of Dance, which allows you to purchase DVDs/Videos for yourself or your friends, is doing great. If you haven't seen it yet, get the best gift for the holidays – the Gift of Dance,


Keep it Crazy, Keep Dancing, and upload some great videos! :)

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