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Brief Holiday Musings…

Ahhh, so it’s December again. Things are slowing down, less work is getting done, and we get to wonder how quickly yet another year has slipped by. As with years prior, this one just kept getting faster. So, even earlier this year, I’ll be setting out my New Years resolutions (the public ones, I suppose) .

First the business! If you haven’t already seen,

1)      Gift of Dance: is our Holiday shopping site, where you can give the best holiday gift of the year to your friends and family. Simple the best Holiday gifts ya’ can find.

2)      We’re gearing up for the actual launch of our Ballroom Dance Online Video website.  If all goes well, we’ll come out of our extended pre launch by the end of the month. The press releases have already started hitting the web.

3)      And of course,, our beloved Instruction Dance Videos store.  We had to move platforms, at a loss of well over 25k (if you’re interested in learning about what happened, visit and sign up to get our newsletter). We’re rebuilding the site from scratch (ouch).

4)      SalsaCrazy’s own Learn to Dance Video store will be getting a much needed facelift as well.

5)      Finally, we’ll be launching our DanceCrazy Club (no, you can’t join yet, and yes, it’s free). More on that soon – probably in our last post of the year.

So, business wise, there’s a lot going on. But, before I get to New Years, let me talk a bit about travel, and some things you probably need to know to plan your next year (or if you just want to follow me around the globe for a bit). So, here’s a taste of travel, SalsaCrazy style:

December (2nd Half): East Coast. New York, Miami and DC. Crazyness, fun, basically, the high life.

January 9th – Sydney, Australia and New Zealand, by way of Hawaii (3 weeks)

January 30th – Back to Hawaii for the Hawaii Salsa Festival (aren’t you going to join me?).  If you aren’t, you are missing out. Really! This is a great event. Just write me about it. As a guy, it’s as close to Heaven as you’ll ever get on this Coast, as the ratio is very flattering.  It’ll remind you of when you were first born, and women actually clamored for your attention. ;)   Ha. No really, it’s a great vacation for everyone, and a really spectacular event. Don’t miss it!  Check it out now, Hawaii Salsa Dance Festival.

February 5th – Back to SF, for 2 days…Yes, I’ll teach my DanceSF San Francisco Salsa Dance Classes!

February 8th – I’m off on the Caribbean Cruise! Yes, the SalsaCrazy Caribbean Salsa Dance Cruise, 2008!  This event is sold out, but that does NOT mean you can’t go. It means you simply have to call, and ask if there is a cabin available, or how you can get on board. We’ll try to get you place, but we just can’t guarantee it anymore. So, come out and join us. Call 1-866-DanceFun and ask about the SalsaCrazy Valentines Salsa Cruise. We’ll see you on board, and through the Caribbean, in February (I hope you’re there).

March – I’m home! Yay. Make me some cake, bring me my Blue Bottle Coffee, take me out to Dim Sum, and I’m free for outing to Carneros, Auberge, Four Seasons, and every other incredible pampering hot spot in the Bay Area.

April/May – I’m outta here! Eastern Europe. I need your help. Prague, yes, probably home base. Riga? Poland? I want to go places. Likely have a rail pass, and travel extensively. Yes, will be going to Prague Salsa Festival too.  Should be a lot of fun, and look forward to seeing a part of the world I haven’t yet seen.

June – Who can think so far ahead? I can’t! That’s a lot of travel. Yes, there are plans for June, but I’m not gonna tell you about em’ yet. First you have to join me on some of these trips, above.  Advice and guidance is always appreciated, as are contacts.

Congratulations for reading this far, I know you want to hear about New Years, and it’s coming soon, but not yet. ;)   First, what about this week? Yes, December 4th, 2007. I’m only going to one place, to see my friends’ Marissa’s boyfriend’s band, Rovira, at the DownLow Lounge, tomorrow night.

Where are we going tomorrow? That’s right. The DownLow lounge, 2284 Shattuck, in Berkeley, to hear this stellar all star band. That’s at 10pm sharp, 8pm for the lesson with my superstar buds, John and Liz.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

We’ll be releasing the New Years Newsletter soon, with lots of choices for New Years, all over the world.  If you’re not on our Newsletter, you may want to join. 30k strong in the Bay Area, and untold 100’s of “k” around the world.  What are you going to do for New Years? I’m dying to know.

Nope, I’m not going to review all the choices here, are there are simply a hell of a lot of New Years choices.

How about me? Well, I’m considering (in fact, really considering), taking it easy. I’ll likely be on the East Coast, in DC, New York and Miami (and Tampa), but think I’m going to opt for the ever quiet retreat with my baby (um, that’s like a woman, not like…a real baby). ;)   Anyone know any private, secluded spas on the East Coast to steal away to?  Something pampering would be nice, but unique or funky is always cool as well.

I prefer the low key New Years, barring some super crazy mega event. That being said, where are the super crazy mega events for the Bay Area this year?

Anyway, hope all’s well with Everyone, have a Safe and Happy New Years and Holidays.  Dance it in baby…dance it in!

SC (SalsaCraaaaazzzzzzy)

Oh, also, we finally added email notification if you want to be notified whenever I make a new blog post. Just sign up on the right hand nav…Right on top. The Top right? See it there?  Ya' know you don't want to miss an exciting post like this. ;)


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