Atrocious Advertising Customer Service, Scam or Just Bad Behaviour. Shame on them!

Share on Facebook, shame on them!  I can't believe a company would put another company through this. We put a small advertisement with them for our Wedding Dance Mastery System, and they've been devils to work with ever since. Small companies beward, they have threatened to turn us over to collection, and to enforce a contract we were never notified of, and never saw or signed.

The Knot, is a big company, in the wedding services sector.

We advertised with them for one month, saw NO traffic, tried to cancel, was told we could not, were delivered a total of SEVEN leads over a six month period, and then asked to pay for the advertising, at a an astronomical rate.

Unable to cancel, unable to stop payment, unable to fight back, we'll likely give in. We'll have to pay TheKnot, The WeddingChannel, or the myriad companies this behomoth owns. But let me ask you why?

Why if you are a noted company. Why if you actually do business with other people. Why if you have a shread of morality, would you rip off small companies?

Why would you charge a company for services you couldn't, or didn't, deliver? Why would you charge a company when you completely failed to do any actual advertising? Why would you resort to hiding paragraphs in a contract, deep where people can't see it, require no signature, and then come after the other company, even when it's clear you're wrong?!

The hysterically sad thing here, is the Knot never asked if I was happy. They never wondered if they had performed any advertising whatsoever.  They simply didn't care! Their focus is entirely on what they perceive as "their" money, and no in their service (which is entirely lacking).

There was NO customer service. There was NO shred of business decency at all.  Forget business deceny actually, just overall caring in any way, shape or form.

Well, I've decided that to vent for myself, to create a blog of my experiences with Yes, complete with emails between me and the company.  Let's see if they've treated other people like this, and if so, how many?

I'll post the blog URL for all to see, and we'll be up and running in a  week.  Let the dialog begin, and once again, Shame on you This behaviour makes you appear like a scam.

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