Salsa Dance Crazy: Salsa Dancing Blog Updates are hard…

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Ok, I admit,  I don't update my salsa dance blog enough. The crazy thing is I wanted to have a bunch of different blogs, for different areas of my life, personal, dance, marketing, business, technology… that would be crazy, since I can't even update the couple that I have.

Anyway, I know you're not reading this to hear me complain…or perhaps you are, but we'll get right to the news.

Tonight, the DownLow Lounge has Rumbache, and since I'm in the East Bay, and haven't visited in a while, this is the place to go.  No, not because I'll be there, but because this is a great, fun, band!

First, as a blog reader, you'll know we are getting ready to launch, where you can keep, and host, your own salsa dancing blog for free. It's a great place to tell your own personal dance story, about how you got started, and what you're dance life is like (or regular life for that matter…I suppose it's rather strange to draw a distinction). ;)

Second, has launched. This is a website based around giving your friends and family a fantastic gift, a gift that will bring smiles to the party, and a gift that they'll remember and use, namely, the Gift of Dance. If you haven't seen it yet, and you haven't gotten your gifts (for yourself or your family…), visit, and give the Gift of Dance. They'll love it.

Third, the cruise is sold out, but if you call, you can still learn about the waiting list, and how to get a room. 1-866-DanceFun, join us on board. Join the wait list. If you haven't heard about it, visit, to get all the details.

That's all for now, let's see if I can update you more regularly eh?




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