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Ok, did you read yesterday's post about internet marketing? I hope so! If not, go look at it, as you need to get on board with that.  Here's the link to a new video from the same guy (but look at yesterday's post too). If you want to do any sort of home based business, or residual income ideas, this is a great start (although, admittedly, this is more advanced stuff): Click Here:

Ok, I shared a link to one of the people I've learned from yesterday, and now, I'm follow it up right away for a special tool if you have a blog!

Do you have a blog? If so, you need this! This will generate some great traffic for you, and all ya' have to do is sign up (ie it's free).  Recommended:

Ok, those are two great resources to start seeing amazing results with your business, or just your hobbies.  Hope you enjoy them. I promise, no more marketing talk on this blog. The next post will definitely take us back to the salsa information, and I'll start kicking the blog into high gear!

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