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Ok, so a lot of people are asking me how they can do what I do?  How can I have a business that runs on the internet 24/7, making money residually, as I travel the world?

Fair enough. As most of you know, we'll eventually teach you all of that at, which I plan on launching in late 2009.  Well, alot of you don't want to wait that long eh? I can understand that!

How about learning directly from my Mentor in the short term?  Is this for you…take a look:


What it required from you is the first step.


Many people find information products to be a great way to get your feet wet online, so let's do it!


Click below to learn from my mentor:


In it, we learn about the Oil Well Model of internet business development. Sign up for the email list, because you will hear more about the upcoming seminar from me too!


This is a high level course, but there's also lots of no cost content you can get from this!


I highly recommend it:


Good Luck, and I'll see you at the upcoming Seminar (you'll hear about it soon). :)


What am I doing right now? I'm working very hard to implement a new business from start to finish, so I can again, go away and travel the world for months on end… as my business grows.


The most crazy thing of all is, you can join me, but you have to take that first step, and I really hope you do!


I wrote about my China experience here, at:


Take care everyone, and by all means, GET STARTED!

MC (Evan Margolin)

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