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Wow! That was one crazy, crazy salsa dance party.  I mean, really. I mean . . . crazy. I am no longer sure that there is a big enough space in the city to hold all of us anymore.  At one point, the line stretched down the entire block? And I don’t mean that in a good way (I hate standing in any line, especially long lines, along with the rest of you). J  But, fun was had by all, and it was a simply amazing salsa dancing evening.

So, yet another Canvas salsa dance party has come and gone, and this one pulled out people I have not seen in many years. Fun, exciting, and totally packed, it was great to be back at Roccapulco, and Avance (Avance was on fire – played great).  There’s nothing quite like a packed house of avid dancers to get things going.  We also introduced well over 200 brand new people to salsa, and everyone had a great time!  I enjoyed being able to sit on the Balcony and overlook the absolute mass of dancers. Really incredible. 

Last but not least, we gave away hundreds of movie tickets to the premier this week of the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony movie, El Cantante! Yay, another salsa movie.  Cross your fingers that it’s good!  Regardless, having stars like this, star in a movie about salsa? It can only mean good things for salsa teachers and clubs everywhere. 

Well, one week, finally, and I’m off to Asia! Really looking forward to this trip, as I’ve been getting progressively more burned out over the last few months, and could use a travel re-charge (couldn’t we all). Over the last few years I’ve found myself travelling less and less. Strangely enough, this coincided with the creation of a company who’s goal was to allow me the freedom and capacity to travel?!

This next year, for all you travel buffs, and those that are going to take some crazy vacations. You still have time to join me in China (, get a visa, and dance with me on the Great Wall.  It’s in just over one week (email is coming with details).  Can’t make that? How about Sydney Australia in January 2008?  Or, our very own Hawaii Salsa Fest on Feb. 1st 2008 ( – you better join me there! This is a great vacation, and 3 days of both Hawaii (ie paradise) and salsa (more on that soon). Then, of course, the Valentines SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance Cruise in 2008 ( – it’s 7 days in the Caribbean and it’s crazy cheap if you act right now! Never been to the Caribbean? Now’s your chance!  Yes, we’ve even got a package available for those that want to do it ALL (ie crazy people, like me).

Need to plan even farther in advance?  How about joining me in Elat Israel for the Mediterranean Salsa Congress in April 2008?  Yep, 3000+ salsa dancers,  and one of the greatest dance events on the planet. After Elat?  Ok, Prague baby!  Yep, Eastern Europe, a first for me, as we tour through Prague, Switzerland,  Budapest and more (April/May 2008). Still need more? No, no you don’t! Let's start by joining me in Hawaii for the Salsa Dance Festival (shall we), and the Caribbean Valentines Salsa Dance Cruise, great back to back fun!

They’ll be more salsa dancing news soon.  More than you can imagine! But for now, let’s hit the San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance News, and Salsa Club plans you need to know…

This week, Today, Jellys has Avance! Hold on, isn’t that the same band from the party last night? Why, yes it is. But Jellys has a vibe and energy all its own. Don’t miss it.  Monday night, oh Monday night! Finally, I’m not teaching and it’s time for Yoshis! That’s right, a hidden gem, that no one knows does salsa on Monda y night.

For some reason, they’ve decided to hide the fact that there is live salsa at Yoshis, with the Dance floor open, on Monday nights. I can’t imagine why?  It’s crazy! But it’s true. The beautiful Yoshis Jazz club (beautiful club, great dance floor, full sushi restaurant, great drinks), is open this Monday (and perhaps, every Monday?), for salsa dancing!  Can you say WOW?  The East Bay is so vibrant these days (refer to past posts for a discussion this).  It doesn’t seem to be letting up!

So, this Monday, Orquesta Borinquen has their CD Release party! Don’t miss this. Great party, great band, and you can hear their music on some of our upcoming Learn to Salsa Dance DVDs.

Tuesday, Glas Kat has Orq. America!

Thursday and Fridays – Yoshis has Pete Escovedo!

And there’s more, at the Salsa Dancing Nightlife and Events Calendar, over at So much more! How does anyone get any sleep anyway?  Oh yeh, I don’t sleep!  Just wait until you see what's coming your way this week…It's our Anniversary (and you didn't even buy me a present)?  More details soon…

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