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Ok, let's start with San Francisco! This Friday, at Roccapulco, we've got some great Salsa with Son de Cali (direct from Columbia).  Excellent music, should be great fun. Saturday, the JCC in Marin has a Cuban night with Tito y su Son, and on Sunday . . . an afternoon at Jellys if the weather holds.  Another beautiful weekend.  I also made it to Glas Kat on Tuesday, and it was great. For the next 3 weeks, Glas Kat has stellar music (and I think it's Avance playing there next week too).

So, I'm at Alberto, watching Pantea and Giju do their lesson (great teachers), and I had no idea . . . Giju was a singer? Not just any singer . . . but a star?  Like . . . big star . . . in India.  Ya' just never know, but then I ran across this on YouTube. Amazing I never knew about this, but it's a great music video of his new Salsa Song. The production values are excellent, the dancing is superb, and the music . . . salsa in India.  Great, great, great work!  I was totally impressed. Never would have known (very humble, nice guy), and absolutely deserving of stardom. So, here's the video, see for yourself:

I know videos, and this is a class job. Beatufiul floor, location, camera work . . . wow!  I really enjoyed the dancing and music too.  Congrats! Also, many familiar faces (most of them local), including John from SalsaMania, and of cours, Emily as the female lead, and even Alex and Chi doing their crazy tricks.  Really loved running across this! 

The SalsaCruise is now officially announced. 7 Days in the Caribbean – Salsa, Sun, and … well, more Salsa. ;) - first 50 people get discounted tickets, and the whole cruise is only $450 if you book now.  Crazy eh?  You do need to call and make your deposit though. This should be great fun!

Also, my trip to Asia looms larger, only a few more weeks until . . . Beijing Baby!  I just visited the China consulate, applied for my Visa, and pick it up tomorrow.  Crazy!  Yet, there's still time for you to join me.

Be prepared . . . SalsaBootCamp is approaching our one year anniversary!  How time flies?  This incredible site is only going to get better, with the unveiling of our new mega star salsa teacher (and his more than 200 videos covering style, partnering and footwork),  our upcoming release of SalsaBootCamp, volume 4, doubling of the video screen size, and so much more. Are you a member?


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