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Oh my, this is going to be a huge one. I can feel it . . . there's so much to talk about (and no, it's not even all salsa related, I'm sorry). So, I'll start with the Salsa Dance things, and devolve slowly into cathartic ranting … :)

So, today I'm off to get my Visa!  Um, no, not that kind of Visa (not like a charge card), but a Visa to visit Beijing China, for the 1st ever inernational China Salsa Congress. Only one question (well, really two questions)…will you be there with me?  I hope so.  Now's the time to plan it, as it's only one month away. The hotel is the 5 star Kempinski…a beautiful hotel in Beijing.  Another qeustion? Where's the nearest color photo booth in San Francisco? Or even Black and white? I love photo booths, and I can't find one (well, at least a sanitary one), anywhere.  Where did they all go?  Where are the photo booths? I need to take a picture of the Visa, but alas, no photo booths.

Aha, tomorrow, Candela is playing at Yerba Buena Gardens! 1-3 pm, a stellar show, right outside the Sony Metreon. I love these Saturday afternoon shows (I hope the weather holds). What does it have to do with a photo booth? Ha! Yes, I just remembered that there's a photo booth inside the Metreon. Wow, I get to kill 2 birds at the same time.  I get to see amazing outdoor salsa, right ouside the Metren, probably catch a movie, get my photos for Beijing taken, have great food, and go to Azul afterwords (for some great Cuban style Timba dancing). How's that for a Saturday? Throw in some great Dim Sum for lunch, a little wandering around the beautiful San Francisco Ferry Building (love that place), and I think I've got a perfect Saturday planned for all of us. :)


Tonight, Friday, Roccapulco has Rumba Cafe. No, I don't think I'll actually make it. I went to see Avance last night, and I think tonight is a night of casual and thoughtful contemplation (um…yeh…). :)    Don't let my lack of Mojo stop you though, Roccapulco is definitely the place to be, and it undoubtedly is going to be a ton of fun.  I'm just a wee bit over-partied (yes, it even happens to me on ocassion). Sunday, is another great day, with Mazacote at Jellys, so you can tell, there's plenty to do tomorrow.

Don't miss the DanceSF salsa classes this week…going on all week long. My class on Monday nights (fun stuff), and all the other DanceSF salsa dance classes are available for drop in, throughout the week.

China Salsa Congress. . . yep, enough is enough. You can't go to China on a whim (or can you?). You need to plan. As in YOU need to plan.  Really, what an amazing time will be had, and at such a beautiful and central location in Beijing!

Have you booked your vacation for Valentines 2008? If you have a valentines, now is the time to plan, and if you don't, rest assured that you'll be able to find yours on board, SalsaCrazy's 2008 Valentines Salsa Cruise to the Caribbean. Leaving out of Miami, this seven day cruise is incredible inexspensive (um, like crazy cheap), and it includes all food, lodging, ports of call, classes, parties, etc . . . starting at… $450. That's … Crazy! ;)   http://www.SalsaCruiseCrazy.com. Beginner? Advanced? All are welcome!  We even have peope whom are taking their first classes in Salsa Dancing. This is an amazing vacation. Young or old . . . doesn't matter. Single or couple? You'll have a great time. More details? Visit the website, or call us at 1-877-507-3403 and ask about the cruise.  You do need to book this right away to get the special deal.

Oh, and did I mention this cruise takes place right after our incredible Hawaii Salsa Dance Festival, Jan 31-Feb 3rd, 2008. Yes, the 2nd year of our grand smash Hawaii Salsa Dance Festival.  In fact, if you book the cruise, we'll discount your ticket $50 to the Hawaii Salsa Fest (only $100 for the whole 3 day festival).  How great is that?  Back to back amazing vacations in Hawaii, Miami, and the Caribbean.  I know you want to come with me…just do it.  Ok, so maybe you don't want to go with me… but I bet you still wanna go. :)

That's gotta be enough salsa?  Right before the Transformers movie, I was assaulted by a National Guard Commercial.  Now, let me start by saying, I love the National Guard. I almost joined the Air Guard for flight training. Had I joined, I would have expected to help people all over the nation.  Get that … Nation. Our national. Our National nation. Not Iraq. No offense, but I think these commercials, which all show Guardsmen doing their national duties, are really deceiving when we are shipping our National Guard off to foreign countries to fight. I feel sorry for people whom might actually believe that the National Guard, is, in fact, National.  Perhaps it's been since it's inception, but now . . . it's a different country.

No, I don't want to go all "political" on you, but I did want to mention the movie Sicko.  Nope, haven't seen it yet, but I do plan to. As my 3rd doctor (family doctor) is about to leave practice, this time leaving no replacements in her stead, I believed the insurance companies have destroyed the doctors (something this move does not, I believe, dwell into, focussing on the insurance/client dilemma instead).  However, recently, at a salsa party, I got another opinion that made me think perhaps I'd been cutting the doctors too much slack, and it was not as simple as I had thought. My doctor friend actually blamed other doctor's lack of work ethic and greed, for the demise of the family practice.  Rarely, if ever, will we now have a doctor whom treats a family for 30 years of uninterruped coverage. How about you? Do you still see the doctor you saw as a child? Does the practice still exist? Should we even expect to have a single, general doctor for more than a few years. And finally, with no realiable or affordable health insurance, and doctors unable to take patients without it, is that question even relevant to most of America.


Ok, last polotiical comment. Libby. Oh my. Libby. How random. Um, let me paraphrase, "I believe in our system of government. I believe in the word of law. I believe in the court system.  Um, but none of that actually applies to me. I'm going to overturn the verdict. I'm not going to tell you why. And further, I'm going to get upset if you ask me too many questions about it". What the hell? Um, arrogant? Duh. Blatantly, obviously, self serving? Um, yeh. Defiant of the American people (whom are all too quiet), sure thing. Ya' know, there used to be a time where you could be tried for Treason, and actually serve your sentence.

Um, ok, end of rant. I told ya', I was going to rant about something.  Ok, maybe a few more salsa things to wrap up.  Join me in Beijing, Taiwan and Thailand this August (and September?). Join me in Sydney (didn't talk about this one yet), Hawaii and the Valetnines 2008 Salsa Cruiise this February…and of course, join me out dancing, each and every night of the week. ;)  

I promise, no more caffeine for me!


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