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Life in the Fast Lane…

Wow, has it been almost a month? Forgive me for my absence. I have been SO busy lately (and loving every second of it).  They'll be no long, introspective post this time, I have to get right to the news, because there's a lot of it, but first, the Hawaii SalsaThon event was fantastic.  It was four days of sun, beauty, dancing, and music, that's hard to beat.  Thank you Nancy Ortiz and DJ Latin Lady Margarita for inviting us, for this stellar event, now in it's seventh year.  But are we done with Hawaii? No, I don't think so.  Keep reading …

This Saturday, come to the SalsaCrazy Canvas Party, but… it's not at the Canvas. Thats right. Its at a new location (and will move each and every month).  This month, come to Club Azul, this Saturday!  Details and pre-registration are availabe at, Don't miss it, it's going to be a fun party, at a new and intimiate venue. 

Now, on to the news. First, yes, we're going back to Hawaii for the Hawaii Salsa Festival (, and it's January 31st-February 3rd. Go ahead, visit the website, and plan you vacation to Hawaii around the festival.  This event draws people from all over the world, and you'll hear about it many more times, but if you book it now, you'll get the best prices, and great airfair. Hope to see you there in January, 2008.

Right afterwards, we have our just announced Valentines Salsa Dance cruise to the Caribbean! Yes, you heard that right…Salsa Dance Cruise to the Caribbean. 7 Days of Beautiful Islands, Gorgeous Beaches, Endless Food, Outrageous Dancing, World Class Dance Instruction . . . and it's right after the Hawaii Salsa Festival.  Visit to get all the details and plan your next amazing salsa dance cruise (or perhaps, your first). It's a great vacation for singles, couples, beginners, young, old, experts, dancelovers, travel lovers, any religion, sex, background, country, home, … this vacation appeals to everyone. It's even a place where both dog owners and cat owners can live together for a week and have a great time! ;) Um, register now… why now?

Well, I almost forgot the best part about this amazing cruise, and that is that its very inexspensive. I mean, really. How does $495 sound, for everything. Yes, cruise, food, lodging, classes and dancing. Everything!  Well, it get's better, because, you get $50 off if you book right now (just the first 50 "SalsaCrazy people").  So, it does get better! But get this. Book the Hawaii Salsa Festival and the cruise, and you can get another $50 off your Hawaii SalsaFestival Ticket. Thats right.  You'll be travelling back to back salsa holidays, in the most beautiful places on earth. How's that for SalsaCrazy?  Are we getting crazy enough for you yet?  SalsaCrazy Caribbean Salsa Cruise Holiday, Over valentines, 2008!  Bring your valentines, or find the on board (and there are PLENTY of them there, I assure you), you will have a great time.

Well, I know some of you need that extra bit more? So how about…China!  How about, dancing on the Great Wall of China?  Just a couple of Months aways, the first ever China Salsa Congress in Beijing is about to take place. Yes, I'm going, and yes, I can't wait to experience this "Wonder of the World".  Visit the website to learn more, see a movie, and see just how exceptional this congress looks to be.  This is a perfect mix of travel and dance, that allows you to visit and see an exotic location that you might otherwise miss. Visit the website, and join me on the other part of the world… China Salsa Congress.

Ah, DVDs.  Well, stay tuned.  Because you know what's coming? Yes, July 4th.  For those local to the San Francisco Bay Area, we've got a great July 3rd celebration at Roccapulco supper club, with fantastic pre-4th (day off) dancing all night.  In fact, Roccapulco is going to play big into our plans for July, so come out and see the longest running salsa club in San Francisco, and one of the most historic venues in the city . . . dating well back into the 80s … Um…. 70's. Anyway, it's great Pre-4th Dancing. But really, what I wanted to talk about was our July 4th Sale!

Every year, we host a stellar July 4th Sale, massive packages of our DVDs, and even individual DVDs are on sale. What's the URL? Um, can't tell ya' yet. But if you want the advance notice. Visit our SalsaDanceDVD website and sign up for the mailing list. You'll get notified first. I'll also try to post it to the blog, but we generally get very, very, busy right around this time.

So, what else, what else? Salsa Dance Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area with continue, with brand new On2 New York Style classes with Tianne and Ricardo.  Also, I'll be teaching through the month of July at our (last?) session of classes available at Pick Ballroom. Register today, as all the classes are filling up for July.

What else? It's the Il Pirata Timba party this Friday nigth, and I always think that's a stellar, standout, underground party put on by our friend at Anejo productions.  One of the only places you can really hear some great Timba and Cuban music in SF.  I also noticed that Yoshis is going to start a Monday night live salsa band in the East Bay (Jack London Square), which could turn out to be stellar (and I do mean, really STELLAR), if they do it right, and commit to it.  The East Bay, as mentioned before, is simply a hotbed of salsa activity right now. So many clubs (many more than in SF — Monteros, Karibbean City, Maxwells, DownLow Lounge, Kimballs, JustDance, Allegro…wow). Crazy eh?

Anyway, I'll be back with more info soon, and sorry to be away for so long! Hawaii has a way of slowing you down to the pace of Island life (which is decidedly different than SF crazy ness). I'm back, and I'm getting crazy-er by the second…

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