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As I pine away for my sweetie, What about Salsa This week in the San Francisco Bay Area . . .?  Yes, the Thursday crazyness continues in the East Bay! I'm not even going to break it down, and just tell ya that the East Bay is a goldmine for dancers on Thursday nights.  Azuquita in one corner from Puerto Rico, and Fito Reinoso in the other? That's a battle of the bands that leaves dancers as the winners. Do them both, and tell your friends. Friday night? The amzing Los Moscosos (not salsa, but great), are at Cigar Bar. Wow. Saturday night? Well, I'll leave that up to you as well. Simply check the Salsa Dance Club and Nightlife Calendar on SalsaCrazy, and get all the news.  Oh, but Sunday at Jelly's, will be the crazy crowded double header of the Stellar Anthony Blea (yes, his music in on our DVDs), and Mazacote (yes, they're on our DVDs too). That's a double header of excellence.  It's even enough to drag me out for a Mojito or two! These two bands are simpy stellar, and this will be an amazing show. Let's hope the weather holds out.

Oh, and did you forget, it's also the eve of the West Coast Salsa Congress – arguably the standout Salsa Congress in the world.  Sonora Poncena?  But more importantly, it's my friend's Nancy's wedding this weekend, a wonderful and beutifully kind hearted salsera, whom has found the man of her dreams. See ya' on Saturday (yes, I have a tux), and enormous congrats! :)

Oh, and tonight, well . . . it's Season 3 of So You Think you Can Dance.  For the first time, I'm actually going to watch it.  I know, Ya' think I would have watched it before, but no.  I actually don't watch too much TV. :(   So, why now? Apart from it being hot. Today marks the launch of our partnership with (oh my) as you'll see all our dance titles on Amazon (slashes I tell ya').  No, not Bachata (sorry folks), but you can get Bachata and join thousands of others in learning how to dance Bachata, over at Are you BachataCrazy?

Oh, and how about this for news, we've set the next SalsaCrazy party!  That's right, Saturday June 30th will mark the debut of SalsaCrazy's follow up to the Canvas. You can expect great things!  No details yet, but rest assured, you are going to love it.  Very nice wood floor, beautiful surroundings, amazing music, and of course, plenty of fun, friendly, social and hot dancers for everyone.  This will be our first Summer Salsa Dance Party, so, save the date, and expect more news soon.

Beijing? Taipei? Bangkok?  What do all these places have in common?  Well, for the month of August, they'll have me.  I'll be doing a bit of travelling, starting at the Salsa China Championships in Beijing, and would love advice, news, friends . . . you name it!  I'll be looking for IT and Marketing professionals (as far as work), salsa (as far as dance, duh), and great food and sights (as far as relaxation).  Can ya' help? Are you gonna be there? Ever been? Drop me a line!

Well, thiis is disapoining! I just got the Stern Grove Festival flyer for this year. These are great outdoor concerts, and last year, you'll remember that Spanish Harlem Orchestra had a great show there.  Guess what? No salsa this year?! Are my eyes decieving me? Why would there be no salsa? Who on earth made up the schedule? It was a great concert last year. Completely packed with endless dancing. Alas, no salsa . . .

Oh, and speaking of SHO – they just released a new album! Any word? I should be getting it soon. Although, it will be impossible to beat my album of the year (a different style of salsa), from Calle Real called Con Fuerza.  Unbelievable album!

Last bit of news, SalsaCrazy's new Caribbean Cruise will depart in February 2008. Details and booking info coming up soon! Plan on it . . . I'll expect everyone to join me in Hawaii for the Hawaii Salsa Festival, and then off to Miami for the cruise. It's 2 weeks total, so plan ahead.  I know it's a lot. But can you imagine? Can the human heart take such an amazing vacation?  That's right – give me the first 2 weeks of February and I'll give you the world . . . but buest of all, I'll give you the world very inexspensively.  You will go CRAZY when ya' see how inexspensive the cruise is (for all 7 days), and great ports of call too. Be ready to move, because I've negotiated even crazier rates for the first 50 people! Woohoo . . . can you imagine ANYTHING better?

Anyway, until next time, keep dancing, and keep it crazy!

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