Salsa Dancing This Week, and just the Regular (Short) Dance News

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Ok, so we'll expedite this! I've got a couple of hours at Azul, and then I'm off on a place to Irvine (for some serious internet marketing traing), and then … Vegas Baby! Yep, back to Vegas, for what I'm sure will be amazing, rejuvenating, and absolutely fantastic experience… more on that later . . . Maybe . . . if you're good . . .

What will I (happily) be mising? Well, one of the biggest salsa concerts San Francisco has ever seen. Bombazo (see below), rolls into town this Saturday, crushing everything in its path.  El Gran Combo? Puerto Rican Power? Forget about it. This is the place to be on Saturday. I mean it . . . if you have even a faint pulse of salsa blood running through you, these bands are really the tops.  I'm sure it will be fun (bummed to miss it).

I'll even miss the continuing Thursday night battle of the clubs in the East Bay, the new salsa dance hotspot in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The East Bay is dominating with clubs like Karibbean City, and Maxwells. Quite a feud, that's great for the dancers. We've got a great lineup, at both places. Stay tuned, more breaking info. My feelings? Support them both!  Let's grow the scene, and make sure that both have PACKED salsa dance classes. That's the way that everybody wins.

I'm teaching again, at least for June (that's all I can say). Interested? It's the Monday night classes., the San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance Classes Academy.  I'm sure it will be great to teach again, but honestly, I wish I could set up a longer stint.  Oh well, June it is, for now.  Back at Pick Ballroom!

Travel? Currently planning the Hawaii trip to SalsaThon in June, the Beijing (China Salsa Championships), and Thailand trip in August, the Sydney Salsa Congress Trip, followed by the Hawaii Salsa Festival, followed by the (as yet unnanounced) SalsaCrazy cruise to the Caribbean in January and February of 2008. Can you say wow? Wow! Somehwere, somehow, I've got to add Prague and Eastern Europe to that scheudle. Any ideas?  Yes, you're all invited.

Oh, and on the movie front, 28 Days Later is opening this Friday!  For those who missed the horror? classic, 28 Days, it was a pretty amazing standout film, done on a low budget, and a real breakout.  I'm looking forward to the sequel. Hope its good.

We've had amazing weather this week, as we're strolling into summer, it looks good for the Ramp, El Rio, and Jellys, for afternoon live salsa!  Always a good thing.

Oh, and Bachata Dance Crazy continues to rock the charts. This is really a great instructional bachata dance series! Have you gotten yours yet?

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