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So, the Med Salsa Congress is over, and reviews say it was absolutely fantastic!  The Montreal Salsa Festival is over, and reviews say, it was super fun.  I missed em' both, but not next year! ;)   We've got the West Coast Salsa Congress coming up, with none other than Sonora Poncena, and I'm not sure I'm gonna make that either. More travel plans in my future, and even . . . gasp . . . a trip back to Vegas? We can only hope!

I've been working hard, so haven't been able to dance at all this week. La Luna Azul takes place tonight, at Azul (1 block away from Union Square). I love this club, but not sure I'll be able to make it. Darn.  Perhaps tomorrow for Jimmy Bosch at Karribean Zone, after Maxwells with Avance? Wow, that's a big night. I hope I don't miss it.  At least I know I can have a nice Friday at Cigar Bar, even though I did miss last night at Mojitos (the great once a month Timba party).  This weekend, lots of stuff, and next weekend too (Bombazo, with El Gran Combo), I'll be out of town (argh). The weekend after, I'll be teaming up with Alf and Alf and Aykut to bring you a great international party (and yes, there's salsa), and then the West Coast Congress (no decisions yet on that), and SalsaThon in Hawaii (I sure hope to make that one).  We'll see how I do…

We've launced our new Marketing Crazy Blog, so I won't bore you with too many business tidbits anymore. You can go read it, although it's just starting. You may want to bookmark it for the future!  Honestly, I view the last 5 years as "Gold Rush" years, and I'll talk about that more on the other blog. But, really, if you are thinking of starting an internet business (and why, oh why, wouldn't you?), you are really, truly, running short of time to make easy success.  Some might argue the easy success is alredy gone . . .not me.  Why do I say success and not money? Aren't they equal? Well, no.  Some people would rather have freedom, family, friends, etc… then have all the money in the world with no quality of life.  Quality of life is key. That's what makes the internet so powerful an opportunity. 

Anyway, enough about that. The SalsaCrazy Dance Video Learn to Dance Store is still not ready, but at least it's getting orders!  All our videos are there, but there is a ton of back end work that needs to be done.  Finally, Bachata Dancing continues to be on fire, as our Bachata Dance Mastery System continues to sell like crazy.  Ya' know, our Merengue dancing DVD, available at the dance videos store, is also really, really, hot.

Oh, and I better mention, our SalsaBootCamp Volume 3 DVD (that's right, Volume 3, just 1 month after Volume 2), is now being release for FREE to all members of, Our Online Salsa Dancing Class and Learn to Salsa Dance School.  Its another packed DVD, filled with fantastic content, and a full 2 hours of instruction.  Don't miss it! Become a member of today . . . It's really a great service, and it will help you make some big strides with your salsa dancing.

Another website that's just taking off, with over 1,000 members recently, is, affectionately referred to as MySpace For Dancers.  This site has really been going well, and people are realy forming a solid community of dancers. I love it.  Very, very, nice to see how this has been moving along. Do you have a profile there yet?

Ok, that's about it this time around. I hope to make it out tonight. Wish me luck . . .




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