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So, I've been a member of this amazing internet educational program. It's excellent! There are a lot of scams and crazy stuff out there, so take a look and see if this is for you.  Once I have my internet blog up, this kind of post will be over there, but for now, this is the only blog that's currently running . . .

http://www.MarketingCrazy.com (join the email list to find out more about it!).

I joined a specific "mastermind" group, and as a result, we've been making huge strides in the business (as you are no doubt parially aware).

This is a long email (and now a blog post), but I want you to take it very seriously! I belong to this program. I not only belong to it, I do endorse it, because it's working for me, and for a lot of people I know.  It's pricey, but it's worth every penny.

If you really want to start an internet business, and live the internet business lifestyle, this is the real deal to make it happen. Read it carefully, view the video, and I hope to see you at the next event!  This is only if you want to jump start your committment, and your success. It's only worth it if you actually want to run an internet business.

Quite honestly, it's the best program I've seen for this kind of thing, which is why I belong!

I'll be talking about this one every day for the next few days. 
You probably remember all the hype that flooded your in-box when StomperNet hit the scene 6 months ago. Or maybe you don't if you weren't trying to start an internet business (why would you)?  I only mentioned it briefly to you, because I ended up joining myself (to try it out).  I did not make a big deal out of it . . . I wanted to try it first.
"StomperNet THIS…" "StomperNet THAT…"
It was a feeding frenzy – email after email with claim after claim.
I mean, EVERY "Product Launch" these days promises some sort of Secret, or Competitive Edge, or Unfair Advantage… Those phrases are getting pretty tired. Tired, old, ugly, and annoying, actually.
It got to be a little ridiculous. 
That's why it was interesting to read the StomperNet sales letter. Instead of the (sadly) typical HEADLINE that says, "Discover how to make TEN MILLION DOLLARS during your next hair cut appointment"…
…or some non-sense like that, the StomperNet HEADLINE was:
— "This Space Intentionally Left Blank" —
LOL! That took some guts. I'll give 'em that.
But it doesn't matter. Guts, Hype, Claims – none of it matters if StomperNet didn't work.
So, did it?
You could ask Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon (they run it), and of course, they are going to say "Yes".
They'll point out that StomperNet has added 8 Faculty Members, has held 2 of their planned 4 Live Conferences, they have 30 Paid and Trained Moderators in their forum, and over 50,000 Discussions in the StomperNet  members' portal…
But so what?
Any Cake can have good ingredients – Chocolate, Sugar, Frosting, More Sugar…
It's how the Cake tastes – that's what counts.
What I mean is, the only thing that matters is the RESULTS that people get from the information, not the information itself!
Look, the information provided through StomperNet has been Excellent. I've been inside the portal, listened to some of their Twice Weekly eCoaching Calls, watched the On-Going Video Training, and have even seen some of the 40 (it might be more than that) DVDs that they've sent to their members. 
Did people who subscribed to StomperNet actually make any more money because of being there?
It's been a whole "Semester" (As Andy likes to say) and by this point, there SHOULD BE members that have gotten REAL RESULTS from being in StomperNet.
One part of the StomperNet launch that I did like (I'm a sucker for proof) was the case studies. There were literally dozens of screen captures during the first StomperNet launch that showed REAL web sites from REAL members.
That was cool. You could actually go to the Search Engines, enter a Term or Phrase from the case study, and see the actual site RANKING for that search.
That was impressive because most Snake-Oil Gurus wouldn't even DREAM of showing you their sites – and these were NOT Brad and Andy's sites (They showed theirs too, but they SHOULD be ranking on the top, right?) – these were their customer's sites!
Again, that took some guts.
But that was six months ago.
And in six months —
Search Engines change their voodoo.
Markets get more competitive.
Consumers get more sophisticated…
So, I asked Brad and Andy the question again:
Andy wrote back with a link to a video and said,
 "Watch this…"
I replied "Oh, so you happen to have a NEW Case Study lying around to
show me".
He wrote back; "No Silly (Ok, so he didn't say "Silly"), we're
re-opening StomperNet, and this is one example of the HUNDREDS of people
that have KILLED it with StomperNet's training."
Here's the link to the video:
If you aren't yet making as much money as you'd like to online and you
think you COULD earn more if you learned more, then you've got to watch
I did, and here's a guy who went from ZERO to $15,000 PER MONTH and he
is NOT afraid to share his success to you. 
– And he did it working only 2 hours per day! —
Kudos to anyone with that kind of "Help others on your way up the
ladder" abundance-minded mentality.

It's free to watch — you don't
even have to opt-in or anything — click the link below to see it while
it's available:
So, 2 things here:
1.      StomperNet is RE-Opening – after 6 long months under wraps.
2.      If this Case Study is any indication of how GOOD StomperNet
turned out to be then… 
 — StomperNet DID work – like a Champ! —
This is a NEW CASE STUDY from a real, current StomperNet member. I have
never seen a customer so NOT afraid to share his success.
In his video, he's going to tell you how he increased his Opt-In Rate by
400%!!! And how he gets 1 out of every 4 customers to buy from him
Oh, and by the way, this is an eCommerce Store that's just 4 months old.
Don't miss it, and I'll be talking to you again soon about a whole bunch of
MC (MarketingCrazy)
Evan Margolin
– Join the email list above if you want to learn more about Internet Marketing, and Entrepeneurship on the Web!
P.S. I just got another message from Andy. They've got a LOT more Case
Studies that they're posting for review. And it looks like there's some
sort of CRAZY offer they're going to make to NEW StomperNet customers.
Stay Tuned!
P.P.S. Make sure you watch that video – This StomperNet member went
from Zero Dollars (he started from Scratch) to $15,000 A MONTH in sales.
Perhaps I'll even let you in on how we're doing (um, can you say better?).
;)   You can do it too, and yes, I really believe that.


There's a video posted here!

This StomperNet Member is DOMINATING his competition using a technique of Optimization called "Long Tail Phrases".  Joel (The Dude in the Video) has THOUSANDS of these terms ranked, and he pulls traffic in to his site from all over the web.

But it's not just the Long Tail they're ranking for.  They're on the First Page of Google for keywords that get 250,000 searches per month! You can see it right there on the video.


Now, if you missed the first video, not to worry – there's a link at the bottom of the page that takes you directly to the Britt Taylor Video, the 2-Hour a Day Success Story who's getting ready to quit his job after only FOUR MONTHS of building his site.

Just click the link at the bottom of the page.

No Opt-in, Credit Card, Chanting, or Ritual Sacrifices required – free to all.

I realized that you might not have seen the original "Going Natural" videos that Andy and Brad released.  I've asked them to post those superb videos back onto the web so you can watch them.

They said they'd post them on their blog by the end of the day.

Stay Tuned for that update – I'll send you the link as soon as they are posted. 

This is not for everyone, but it is a great program to teach both beginners, and beyond, how to run a successful and profitable business on the net . . . Check it out!

P.S.  StomperNet is DEFINITELY Re-Opening.  The StomperNet main page just posted the announcement. The first time they opened the doors, it sold out in less than a day, so I doubt that there will be much warning this time.  Keep your eye on this space for more updates.

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