Bachata Dance Mastery System is Sold out … what's next? Why, Wedding Dance Mastery of Course!

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Well, I hate to switch gears on you all of a sudden, and drop a bombshell, but here it is. The pre sale of the Bachata Dance Mastery System is now over, and we'll be working on fulfilling orders, and over delivering to everyone (like we always plan to). Remember, we are going to be going as fast as we can, and we expect all orders to ship by May 15th. So, now everyone is asking me, what's next? Well, it's time to take the wraps off our next launch, and it's not what you might expect. 

Are you getting married? Do you know someone whom is getting married? Friends, Family, Anyone?  Well, this is simply the most complete, step by step guide to dancing at your wedding. Designed to prepare dancers for their first dance together as husband and wife, it also can help people whom are planning on attending a wedding, and want to be able to add the core dances.  What are the core dances? Glad you asked. :)   They are Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, and Swing Dancing.  Those four make up most of what you'll see at a wedding. Of course, we also cover Salsa Dance (because, hey, remember who you're talking to), but this is really about the core wedding dances, and how to create a truly fantastic first dance.

There is simply nothing else out there like this, anywhere. It's a complete 5 DVD set, and guess what? It's launching right now. Yep, we haven't talked much about it, because . . . hey . . . it's a different style of product than what we've done before, but it's simply fantastic (and I do mean, really, really, step by step magic).  So, not to ramble on, but here it is.  We'll let ya' know about the launch, and the crazy things we've got planned as it goes on. But really, Wedding are not easy, and the last thing a married couple wants to worry about is their first dance. So, remove the worry. Make it something fun, and enjoyable, that you both are looking forward to, and comfortable with. Make it a Wedding to Remember.

Ok, and here's a few other things we've been working on Lately:

1) The Amazing, Spectacular SalsaBootCamp, Online Dance School!  Currently release Volume 3 in our SalsaBootCamp DVD Series . . .
Step By Step Online, Instant, Dance Instruction in our Huge Online Dance School. Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha, you name it, it's all here… and it's all instantly available to you (Free 3 Day Trial too).

2) Keep Track of Salsacrazy at the SalsaCrazy "Crazy" Blog:  (um, that's where you are right now, good job!).

3) Like MySpace, but Just for Dancers? Yes, it exists!

And there's so much more in the works, but we'll save that for another time . . .

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