SalsaCrazy's Vegas Trip Report (and yes, it even includes a little bit of Salsa Dancing). So, I went to Vegas . . .(aka Vegas, Baby!)

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So, I went to Vegas and I got Married…

Just kidding!  Ha, I bet I got a few of you with that one. Although, admittedly, the thought did cross my mind. ;)   Vegas is one of those magical places where anything can, and perhaps often does happen.  I was there for work, but I am not going to talk at all about that. For me, it was pure, unadulterated, sweet magic. What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas, that is … until now (ha, no, not really, the Vegas veil of secrecy will stay in place).  Brace yourselves for a PG-13 (sorry campers, they'll be only slight nudity in this review) romp through Vegas, SalsaCrazy style…

We arrived in Vegas on the SalsaCrazy Lear jet (joking), Friday, early afternoon, and stayed at THEHotel, which is a sub section of Mandalay Bay. Don't ask me why they call their hotel "The" Hotel, I don't know, and yes, it is rather annoying. It's an all suite hotel and the most romantic hotel in Vegas (according to It's pricey, but the rooms are big, with 3 plasma TVs (don't ask me what for), and actual room service that's good (gasp, shock and awe). It's a huge suite, with a beautiful view of the strip, and our room had a view of the Luxor hotel.

(First 7 Hours are censored) ;) …We had quite an appetite, and the first stop was MIX, a restaurant atop the Mandalay Bay with gorgeous, sweeping, romantic views of Vegas. It was right at sunset, and it was . . . beautiful. It's a hip, trendy scene, and it was fun!  The meal was just ok, but in my opinion, didn't live up to the hype. You'd go here for the views, and ambiance, not necessarily the food (which is good, just not great).  Amazing, bubble-like chandeliers too . . .

Afterwards, Zumanity, a Cirque du Soleil, "adult" show.  This is a new Cirque show, and I usually love them. This time . . .not so much, although, as you'll see, it did have some amazing high points. It is definitely different than their other shows (not much "show", and a lot of bawdy, raucous, humor).  It was ok, just not what I was expecting. We had a love sofa, and were in the front row, center. I had no idea that our tickets would be that "good", and certainly had no idea we'd be in the front row. Since the performers were always coming off stage, and there was a lot of interaction with the audience, I tried to make my self as small as possible, and wished I could relocate to my favorite indiscreet back-row seating area.  Alas, that just simply wasn't the case!

These seats should come with a warning! "Sit here at your own risk of being publicly made part of the show". Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I'm a little shy (yes, I know, unbelievable as that is). Anyway, at the very end of the show, while the cast is recreating this multiple person orgy scene on stage (um, yes), one attractive Cirque women pops off stage, and beelines it . . . are you ready? Yes . . . she head right over to come get . . . me!  Oh my god. What the hell? She grabs me by the hand, as I all too reluctantly get pulled up on stage . . . they ask me who I am, where I'm from, and … what I do? Yikes. Um, what? My mind goes blank, and I mean, totally blank. In my defense, these women are fairly naked. Anyway, what the hell do I do again? I can't remember. My mind is completely blank. "I do a little of this, and a little of that" I say. Nope, she doesn't buy it. She wants more. She says again, "No, really, what do you do?". Ok, say something, you're a freaking zombie. My mind is racing until I finally remember something that I actually do. "I'm a Salsa Dance Teacher". Oh, Come on! It's the only thing that came to mind. The Crowd loved it, and there were even people in the back screaming something about On2 (those rowdy On2 folks). I was a hit.  Woohoo, but my time on stage was not at an end . . . I was just getting started . . .

They then took me back on the stage, laid me down on their laps, surrounded me with women, and started . . . taking off my clothes. Y'know, this would have been a great porn dream had their not been 800 people watching. Took off my shirt, unbuttoned my belt and pants, and started caressing me, stroking me with feathers, as the rest of show continued on around me. Yes, inner thigh, yes, full on get aroused type stuff. Luckily, for me, I was completely worn out … safe, in that regard at least. It was actually great, very relaxing. While you're there, they just talk to you. Tell you to relax, and enjoy it. One of the Cirque du Soleil women whom was caressing me was also a salsa dancer, and we talked a bit about that. She asked if was with anyone, or if I had a girlfriend . . . ha, I think she wanted to date me (or at least go dancing). She was very sweet. ;) After awhile, the rest of the act ends, and they lead you off stage (a little dizzying I might add).  While this entire thing was happening, I had no idea what else was happening on the rest of the stage. I was just laying down being caressed by the cirque women. Not a bad deal. 

Anyway, I got a great photo of me on stage, at a Cirque du Soleil performance, plus I got felt up by and asked out by the cast (after they felt me up – sheesh), and that's priceless.  Crazy, and priceless! I also forgot to say "SalsaCrazy", while actually on stage, which means I have to go back and do the whole thing over again. Darn . . .Can you believe I forgot to say SalsaCrazy? I mean, come on.  I'm a marketing genius, right?

At about 2pm the next day, it's Spa Mandalay!  I would actually recommend this spa, as the massages were really great, and the facilities were pretty nice too. My absolutely delicious friend loved her massage, but I was just so-so about it. I definitely needed that massage though, regardless of quality!  Absolutely melted into the table. The workout room costs a staggering . . . $27. Yes, just to work out. So you can quickly see how a massage becomes a deal (it includes access to all the facilities). But then again, a bottled water costs you $4-$9, so it's Vegas, and you just have to go with it.

Next up, "Love" another Cirque show, and this time, exactly what I expected, and more.  This show is performed in a full 360 degree mega theater, and completely to the music of The Beatles! Yes, if you're a Beatles fan, you do not want to miss this show (and even if you're not). It's visually fantastic, exciting, and entirely mesmerizing. I adored it!  You simply don't realize how many hits the Beatles had?! It's staggering. You pretty much know every single song.  Crazy, crazy, crazy fun!  I would highly recommend this show to anyone going to Vegas, and certainly any Beatles fans . . . It's a great stage too. There's one amazing part, with 4 women on floating wires (which allows them to gracefully, beautifully, glide around the stage), surrounding this guy in the middle. They glide towards, and away, over, and on top of.  It's a great, sexy, act. There's also a few other big surprises, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.  'nuff said!

Aftewards, it's to the Wynn Hotel, where we dined at the Okata sushi house. Unbelievably tasty, a great meal, and totally worthwhile. We also got to wander around the Wynn, and it's a classy hotel. I don't think I'd stay there, but I definitely enjoyed visiting for a bit. Quite a nice hotel (although for this type of experience, I'd still probably opt for Bellagio, or perhaps the new wing of the Venetian). There are a lot of new hotels going up in Vegas, so it looks like the strip is going to have even more choices soon.

Then . . . Salsa Dancing! You didn't think I'd leave out Salsa Dancing did you? Or, actually, not go check it out (perish the thought). Yes, at 1am, we made our way to the Gold Coast casing (off strip), and wandered the casino until we actually (surprisingly) heard salsa music playing. I'll admit. I was shocked. I thought for sure it would be reggaeton crazy in there, but it wasn't. It was salsa, and it was a live band! It was a huge, real wood (very nice) dance floor, and a raised stage. It was . . . a nice, real, salsa club. In Vegas no less. The band was . . . good! Yes, you heard me. They were good, fun, and played a variety of salsa. During the break, perhaps because it was late, it was all Bachata (, and Reggaeton. Going to Vegas? Have a late night salsa craving? Here's where you can go get your fix.  I didn't dance with anyone else save my friend, but she did, and it looked like there were a fair amount of both male and female dancers in attendance. Good fun for a late Saturday night (goes until 3am).

The next day, a tram ride, and a walk on the strip, brought us to Ceasar's Palace, and we wandered the new wing of Forum shops (with a pretty cool circular escalator), and a fair amount of people watching (which is simply never boring in Vegas).  We also stopped by Bellagio for best coffee and muffins in Vegas (this is the café bordering the Casino, and NOT the trendy café where everybody else goes).  It's right across from the Gelato Ice cream place.  Anyway, back to Caesars, As opposed to the plush couches of the Bellagio, there are solid steel benches surrounding many different statues and fountains.  Not the most comfortable, but that entirely depends on who you're with.  The whole place has this painted blue sky, that changes colors. Definitely fun to wander through!

Hey, this is getting a little long isn't it.  Anyway, just though you'd like a glimpse at SalsaCrazy Vegas (kind of like CSI, but different). Heavily edited to get rid of the intense work portions of the trip (that I know nobody wants to hear about it), but what an amazing, fun, crazy, exciting, and all too short trip (just like it should be – no more than 3 days is Vegas . . . ever!). Yes, I went to Vegas and I didn't gamble for one second, and didn't miss it for one bit!  Just a staggeringly great weekend, at one of the West's most crazy playgrounds.  A perfect place for me, wouldn't you say? Want to come with me next time? ;)

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